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Herbert Kästner (born September 1, 1936 in Leipzig ) is a German mathematician , author , editor and bibliophile .

Live and act

Herbert Kästner studied mathematics at the Karl Marx University in Leipzig and worked there from 1958 to 2001 as a research assistant for teaching and research in the fields of algebra and number theory .

In 1965 he was co-editor of the Kleine Enzyklopädie Mathematik , the first edition of which was published by the Bibliographisches Institut Leipzig and as a licensed edition for the Federal Republic of Germany, West Berlin and Switzerland by the Pfalz-Verlag Basel. The editorial collective was awarded the GDR National Prize for Science and Technology III. Class excellent. Several editions of the Small Encyclopedia Mathematics appeared , which was later continued as Meyer's Small Encyclopedia Mathematics with Herbert Kästner, Siegfried Gottwald and Helmut Rudolph as editors in Meyers Lexikonverlag.

In addition to his professional activity, Herbert Kästner mainly devoted himself to bibliophilia. From 1980 he was a member of the board and from 1988 chairman of the Pirckheimer Society in Leipzig and a member of the society “Leipziger Bibliophilen-Abend”. He is editor of the bibliography of the Insel-Bücherei of Insel Verlag .

Herbert Kästner is married to the physician Ingrid Kästner (* 1942), who worked at the Karl Sudhoff Institute for the History of Medicine and Natural Sciences in Leipzig and wrote several papers in the field of the history of natural sciences and medicine. You live in Leipzig.


  • 1966: National Prize of the GDR for Science and Technology III. Class in the collective of the editors of the Small Encyclopedia of Mathematics


Mathematical writings

  • with Hans Reichardt , Walter Gellert , Herbert Küstner , Manfred Hellwich (eds.): Small encyclopedia of mathematics. Bibliographisches Institut Leipzig, Leipzig 1965.
    Licensed edition for the Federal Republic of Germany, West Berlin and Switzerland: Pfalz-Verlag, Basel 1965.
  • with Walter Gellert, Siegfried Neuber (Hrsg.): Lexikon der Mathematik. Bibliographisches Institut Leipzig, 1978.
    Licensed edition: Fachlexikon ABC Mathematik. German, Thun / Frankfurt am Main 1978, ISBN 3-87144-336-0 . New edition: 1998, ISBN 3-871-44336-0 .
  • with Peter Göthner: Algebra. Every beginning is easy. Teubner, Leipzig 1983 ( Mathematical Student Library . No. 107).
    License edition: algebra made easy. German, Thun / Frankfurt am Main 1985, ISBN 3-87144-835-4 .
    Czech: Algebra, každý začátek je lehký. Mladá Fronta, Prague 1986.
  • with Siegfried Gottwald , Helmut Rudolph (Hrsg.): Meyer's small encyclopedia mathematics. 14th edition. Meyers Lexikonverlag, Mannheim / Leipzig / Vienna / Zurich 1995, ISBN 3-411-07771-9 .

Bibliophile writings

Herbert Kästner wrote articles for the magazine Marginalien. Journal for book art and bibliophilia of the Pirckheimer Society on institutions such as the CH Beck publishing house , the German Museum of Books and Writing , the Peter Sodann Library , Andersen Nexö Leipzig , Raamin-Presse Roswitha Quadflieg and people like Klaus Waschk , Gert Wunderlich , Egbert Herfurth and Albert Kapr .

He also wrote articles for the Börsenblatt for the German book trade , the collective work Leipziger Jahrbuch on book history and the magazine Illustration 63 .

Bibliophile books


  • Pegasus from the front and from the back, German poetry in original and parody. With wood engravings by Karl-Georg Hirsch. Edition Leipzig, Leipzig 1983.
  • Thirty-five years of bibliophilia in Leipzig. The Leipzig group of the Pirckheimer Society from 1956 to 1991. Leipzig group of the Pirckheimer Society, Leipzig 1991.
  • (Red.): The house of the book in Leipzig. Kuratorium Haus des Buches Leipzig, Leipzig 1996.
  • From A to two thousand. Graphic New Years greetings from 1976 to 2000. Insel, Frankfurt am Main / Leipzig 1999, ISBN 3-458-19203-4 .
  • New dances of death. Wood engravings by Karl-Georg Hirsch. With poems by Volker Braun . Insel, Frankfurt am Main / Leipzig 2002, ISBN 3-458-19233-6 .
  • The mask. With a wood engraving and drawings by Karl-Georg Hirsch. Hubert, Göttingen 2005.

Editing of titles for the Leipzig Bibliophile Evening:

  • The tiller and death. John of Saaz . 2000.
  • Ten Years of the Leipziger Bibliophilen-Abend eV A commemorative publication with original contributions by ten authors and original graphics by ten artists as well as typographical sheets by four book designers. 2001.
  • Bibliophile passions. As told by Hermann Hesse . With 12 lithographs by Hermann Naumann . 2003.
  • with Peter Gosse : Rainer Kirsch - 70th 2004.
  • Gilgamesh. With seven etchings by Reinhard Minkewitz . 2007.
  • 33 congratulations for Karl-Georg Hirsch on his 70th birthday. 2008.
  • Sonnets from the "Kanzoniere". Francesco Petrarch . With two woodcuts by Robert Schmiedel . 2010.

He also edited the series of dances of death for the Leipzig Bibliophile Evening from 1998 to 2002 and the series of Keyword from 2002 to 2010 .


  • Vera Hartje: The collection of the bibliophile Herbert Kästner. A life shaped by searching and finding German literature and book art of the 20th century. In: Flatware . Volume 2. Plöttner, Leipzig 2011/2012, pp. 97–110.
  • Treasure hunt on bookshelves. Three generations, one passion, Herbert Kästner and Jens Förster are united by a love of book collecting. In: Money for Life. No. 1. Sparkasse Leipzig, Leipzig 2007, pp. 46–48.
  • Homage to Herbert Kästner. Chairman of the Leipzig Bibliophile Evening. Leipzig 2001.

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