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SoftMaker Software GmbH

legal form GmbH
founding 1987
Seat Nuremberg GermanyGermanyGermany 
management Martin Kotulla
Branch Office - Software solutions

The SoftMaker Software GmbH is an in Nuremberg -based medium-sized company , which software for office supplies and computer fonts develops and sells. The company was founded in 1987 and has been operating as a GmbH since 1989 . Martin Kotulla is the founder and managing director . According to the company, 23 employees and numerous other freelance workers were employed in 2015 .

SoftMaker Office

The main product is the office application package SoftMaker Office , which is offered for Windows , macOS and Linux as well as SoftMaker Office HD for Android . Earlier versions of SoftMaker Office were also offered for Windows Mobile and Windows CE , the Sharp Zaurus and FreeBSD .

The office suite consists of the following programs:

SoftMaker Office has been available in a standard and a professional version since version 2012. The latter also contains the Duden Corrector and Duden - and Langenscheidt - Dictionaries (for the German market) and Berlitz -Wörterbücher (for the international market). SoftMaker Office Professional also included the eM Client Professional PIM application , which was replaced in March 2015 by a specially adapted version of Mozilla Thunderbird . SoftMaker Office for Windows is portable . It can also be started from a USB stick on any PC without changing its operating system , so that it can be used on the move (for example at home and in the office).


FreeOffice is a free version of SoftMaker Office. It is proprietary software that is made available as freeware under the manufacturer's license conditions for private and business use for an unlimited period of time. Compared to the paid standard purchase version, the free version lacks the commercial dictionaries and thesauri , the write filters for the Office Open XML file formats from Microsoft Office , some print functions and display formats and the free technical support. However, as in the purchased version, mobile installation on a USB data carrier is supported. FreeOffice is also available for Windows, Linux and Android (“FreeOffice Mobile” for smartphones and “SoftMaker Office HD Basic” for tablets ).


Since November 2016 SoftMaker has been offering the FlexiPDF program , which can be used to create and edit PDF files.

Computer fonts

In the area of computer fonts , SoftMaker offers two extensive font collections: MegaFont NOW with 7,500 TrueType fonts and 7,500 Webfonts is primarily aimed at private users, while infiniType 4 with 7,444 fonts in OpenType PS , TrueType and Webfont format is aimed at professional users. Other font collections for Windows, macOS and Linux are aimed at customers with special interests. In addition, SoftMaker gives away a selected font every month, albeit under a license that prohibits distribution to third parties. This means that commercial use, but also private use, e.g. B. embedded in PDF files intended for distribution , no longer possible.

Further products

SoftMaker sells several other programs that it has not developed itself. The company offers selected products free of charge for schools, teachers and universities, and at reduced prices for pupils and students.

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