La Boum - The party

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German title La Boum - The party
Original title La Boum
Country of production France
original language French
Publishing year 1980
length 110 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Claude Pinoteau
script Claude Pinoteau,
Danièle Thompson
production Alain Poiré
music Vladimir Cosma
camera Edmond Séchan
cut Marie-Josèphe Yoyotte

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La Boum 2 - The party continues

La Boum - The Fete (Alternative title: La Boum - The Fete - Parents undesirable ) is a French teenager - Comedy of 1980, with La Boum 2 - The party continues followed in 1982 the sequel. The 1988 film Die Studentin is not actually a sequel, but follows a similar pattern and is therefore called La Boum 3 (in Italy Il Tempo delle Mele 3) in the German (and also in Italian) -speaking areas, despite differences in content (Vic became Valentine ) designated.


13-year-old Vic moves to Paris from Versailles with her parents François and Françoise, a dentist and a cartoonist . Vic quickly makes friends there, including Pénélope, who, unlike Vic, already has experience with boys, and her little sister Samantha. At a party, Vic finds her first big love, Mathieu, with whom she goes out after a short time. The family idyll falls apart when it is discovered that François had an affair with a perfume dealer. Angry, Françoise temporarily separates from him and in revenge demolishes the business of the beloved. A little later she begins an affair with Vic's English teacher.

Vic finds out that Mathieu has another girl and takes revenge by kissing and hugging her stunned father before his eyes like a lover. Although this misunderstanding is cleared up again with the involuntary help of Samantha, who loves François, but a lasting reconciliation does not come about.

Françoise, who is gradually establishing herself as a draftsman, cannot help Vic with her lovesickness. Vic finds solace in her great-grandmother Poupette, an old, fun-loving woman who takes part in concerts and receptions as a famous harpist, knows many influential people and drives a car in a very idiosyncratic way. Looking back on her own eventful life, she gives Vic advice on love and even drives her great-granddaughter to Normandy, where Mathieu spends his vacation. However, the meeting held there in a shed on the beach does not lead to a solution to the conflict.

Eventually, Vic's parents make up again. After François first freed his competitor from the hands of robbers, only to then give him a black eye, Françoise, who is now pregnant again, wants to go on vacation to Africa with her lover. However, at the last minute she decides otherwise, leaves him and meets François in her favorite bar.

The long-awaited Mathieu appears at Vic's birthday party in Poupette's apartment, and the two make up while dancing. But then Vic is enchanted by the sight of Marc, and when she ends up dancing in his arms, she seems to have forgotten Mathieu again.


Sophie Marceau, who was then 13 years old, gained international attention in the role of Vic Beretton . Two years later, the story was continued with her in La Boum 2 - The party goes on . The follow-up film was less successful, but was still a box-office hit. Marceau later paid Gaumont a million francs to be released from the contractual obligation to take part in a second sequel.

Bernard Giraudeau , whose name is Eric Thompson in the German version in the role of Vic's English teacher , is called Éric Lehmann in the original version and is a German teacher.

The premiere in France was on December 17, 1980, in Germany it took place on December 11, 1981.


“Sensitively staged puberty comedy that takes the feelings of adolescents seriously and respects them. Even though the film is so old, it still manages to appeal to teenagers and even adults today. "

“The huge hit of the 80s. […] French teenage comedy with nostalgia bonus […] Sophie Marceau's cinema debut - a timeless film about the trials and tribulations of puberty. A Walkman plays a key role here, by the way , a very new product at the time: Vic is listening to Richard Sanderson's film song 'Reality'. It soon became a world hit! "


role actor Voice actor
Vic Sophie Marceau Irina Wanka
François Berreton Claude Brasseur Horst Naumann
Françoise Berreton Brigitte Fossey Viktoria Brams
Poupette Denise Gray Alice Franz
Mathieu Alexandre Sterling Niko Macoulis
Eric Thompson Bernard Giraudeau Ivar Combrinck
Samantha Fontanet Alexandra Gonin Inga Nickolai
Vanessa Dominique Lavanant Helga Trümper
Etienne Jean-Michel Dupuis Tonio von der Meden

The elite film Synchron GmbH took the synchronizations under the direction of John Paul Harding on.


  • It was love
  • Swingin 'around
  • Reality
  • Gotta get a move on
  • Formalities
  • Murkey Turkey
  • Go on for Ever

The song Reality , sung by Richard Sanderson , achieved world fame through La Boum and became the anthem of the standing blues dancers . In Germany, however, it only reached number 1 in the singles charts after the film's television premiere in 1987, where it then stayed for five weeks.

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