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Ivar Bodo Combrinck (* 16th January 1943 in Anrath ; † 15. September 2006 ) was a German actor , voice actor , dialogue author and dubbing director .


Ivar Combrinck played in the 1960s on the theaters of Koblenz , Oberhausen , Dortmund and Wuppertal . In 1970 he got an engagement in Munich , where he settled down and began to work as a speaker for Funk und Synchron. He dubbed the pop singer Chris Roberts several times in his films, later he spoke among others Sam Bottoms ( The Texaner ) , John Travolta ( Carrie ) , John Savage ( Those Going Through Hell , Hair ) , Lewis Collins ( The Professionals ) , Bill Pullman ( Sleepless in Seattle ) and Kevin Spacey ( Iron Will ) . He also lent Peter Davison his voice as "Tristan Farnon" in the series The Doctor and the Dear Cattle .

From 1976 Combrinck specialized as a dialogue book author and director in the dubbing of films and television series. He worked for dubbing studios in Munich and from 1984 to 1997 also in Berlin. In the mid-1980s he brought several US sitcoms onto German television for the first time for ZDF , but they were all canceled after a few episodes. Combrinck's adaptations went so far as to translate not only the title songs relatively freely into German, but also the role names. In some episodes, the German version even had a completely different plot. Well-known examples are Help, We're Growing Up (original title: Family Ties ), which was later broadcast as family ties or Lots of Families in a new dubbed version on private television, and Cheers , which was broadcast on ZDF under the title Prost, Helmut! ran. In this version, the pub was called To the happy end of the day and the names of most of the characters were also Germanized; Norm was now Helmut, Cliff became Uwe and Sam called himself Hubert. Combrinck himself sang his German version of the title song and dubbed Ted Danson . After only 13 episodes, the series was canceled again and only broadcast on German television in 1995 with a true-to-original re-synchronization.

Combrinck's best-known works include the animated series The Simpsons , which he took over from season four, as well as Futurama and Family Guy . In addition to his work as a dialogue book author and director, he was also often active as a voice actor, for example as the voice of Reverend Lovejoy, Professor Frink and Sideshow Bob or Tingeltangel-Bob in The Simpsons , Zapp Brannigan in Futurama and Glen Quagmire and Tom Tucker in Family guy. Other productions that Ivar Combrinck was responsible for translating include: B. the series Jake and McCabe - Through thick and thin , Beverly Hills, 90210 and Das Leben und Ich , the musical adaptation Hair and the family film A Dog Named Beethoven . He wrote the German books, directed and voiced John Larroquette for the sitcoms Harry's Wondrous Criminal Court and Night Shift with John .

Since many German-speaking fans are also familiar with the original English versions, websites have been created that deal exclusively with the quality of the dubbed versions of The Simpsons and Futurama and, in particular, discuss translation errors. Combrinck was accused by fans and the media of having incorrectly translated essential gags. In addition to the frequent misinterpretation of idioms, Combrinck's lack of knowledge of technology and science fiction was criticized. In Futurama , for example, he translated “ Control-Alt-Delete ” with “Alternative control deletion” or “ Debugger ” with “Entanzer”.

Combrinck died on September 15, 2006 of complications from a brain tumor . During his lifetime Combrinck - after he had learned of his illness - handed over responsibility for the television series he was in charge of to Matthias von Stegmann , who now continues this work even after Combrinck's death.

Ivar Combrinck was the son of Bodo Combrinck, who headed the Willich correctional facility from 1939 to 1945 .

In some productions he synchronized with his wife Inge Solbrig-Combrinck , his son Butz (* 1981) and his daughter Caroline (* 1983). Most recently, Combrinck lived alternately in Munich and Florida.

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