A family called Beethoven

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German title A family called Beethoven
Original title Beethoven's 2nd
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1993
length 85 minutes
Age rating FSK 0
Director Rod Daniel
script Len Blum ,
Amy Holden Jones ,
John Hughes
production Michael C. Gross ,
Joe Medjuck ,
Ivan Reitman
music Randy Edelman
camera Bill Butler
cut William D. Gordean ,
Sheldon Kahn

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A dog named Beethoven

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Beethoven: Vacation with Obstacles

Beethoven's ( Beethoven's 2nd ) is an American film comedy by Rod Daniel from the year 1993 . The film is a sequel to the 1991 comedy A Dog Named Beethoven .


Beethoven falls in love with the St. Bernard dog Missy, whom he meets at an ice cream stand. They eat an ice cream with Missy's lovely owner Brillo. But then Regina, the greedy ex-wife of Brillo, appears, who Missy only wants to give back to her ex-husband for a ransom. In the meantime, she has her new lover bring Missy back home with her. Beethoven, in love, follows her to the apartment and often meets with her there in the basement. The two have four baby dogs, which Regina initially drowns, but then wants to sell. Ted and Emily overhear them and decide to hide the pups secretly in the basement. Together with Ryce, they spend the night feeding the puppies. When George Newton discovered the baby dogs, he was initially less than enthusiastic about keeping four more St. Bernard dogs. The family also has major financial problems.

However, in compromise with his children, he allows them to keep the dogs for a while longer. During a vacation in the mountains, the children meet Regina again, who steals the puppies from them. At the same time, Beethoven, who has missed his dog lady for a long time, frees Missy from Regina's car. Together they run away.

Regina and Floyd let the pups trace their parents' trail to follow them. The Newton family is also on the way to save Beethoven and the baby dogs from Regina. This is how they all run up the mountain: First Beethoven and Missy, then the puppies, whom Regina and Floyd are closely following, and finally the Newton family.

Then they clash at the summit. Floyd threatens to throw the puppies into the river, but George Newton will not allow it. But Floyd and Regina fall down. In the end, Regina loses the trial of Brillo, which Missy is now allowed to keep without paying $ 50,000. The Newton family can get rid of their money problems and keep the house. In the final scene, Missy and Brillo visit the Newton family, who still have the now fully grown dogs.

Love plays a central role in the film. Beethoven falls in love with Missy. Ryce falls in love with the womanizer Taylor Devereaux, who, however, wants more from her than just kissing. During the vacation she meets the nice boy Seth, who picks her up for the concert at the end of the film. Ted also falls in love with a girl who initially gives him a basket, but later lets himself be invited for a Coke.


Overall, A Family Called Beethoven disappointed both critics and audiences. On Rotten Tomatoes , the film received a rating of 23 percent based on 13 reviews and a rating of 30 percent from the audience. IMDb , the audience gave the film an average rating of 4.8 out of a possible 10 points.

James Berardinelli wrote on ReelViews that the film would be one of the rare sequels better than the original.


The film was nominated in 1994 for the song "The Day I Fall in Love" for the Oscar and Golden Globe awards and in 1995 for the Grammy Award . He was also nominated for the Young Artist Award in 1995 in two categories .


These six films were released directly on video or DVD.


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