Summer academy

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As Summer Academy are training courses on various subjects and for different target groups referred to. They are used for professional and private further education and training without offering a qualified degree.

The term summer school comes from the Anglo-American higher education system and includes postgraduate education and symposium- like special courses. This form has also become common in Europe (e.g. at the Sorbonne in Paris) and in promoting talented students through scholarships .

The summer schools offered by many universities are to be distinguished from the summer academies for students and for young scientists, which give pupils in the 9th to 11th grade an insight into future studies and thereby address topics and present forms of work that are not part of the usual school curriculum belong.

In contrast to the winter school

The so-called winter schools name training courses in the industrial environment, for farmers, craftsmen and also rural women, which were offered from the middle of the 19th century outside of the labor-intensive summer season. Some of these winter schools also led to the establishment of academic training courses, particularly in the technical and agricultural sciences.

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