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Sophie Fiennes , born as Sophia Victoria Twisleton Wykeham-Fiennes (born February 12, 1967 in Ipswich , Suffolk , England , Great Britain ) is a British documentary filmmaker and film producer .


Fiennes is the daughter of photographer Mark Fiennes and author and painter Jennifer Lash (also Jini Fiennes). She is the sister of the movie stars Ralph Fiennes and Joseph Fiennes as well as Martha Fiennes , Magnus Fiennes and Jacob Fiennes. In her family, she grew up with her foster brother Michael Emery, an archaeologist.

She took a basic painting course at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London after leaving school at 16. From 1987 to 1992 she volunteered in the team of director Peter Greenaway on the production of the films Conspiracy of Women , The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover and Prospero's books . Then she was manager of the British dance group The Michael Clark Company for three years .

Fiennes has been making her own documentaries since 1998. In 2010 her documentary about Anselm Kiefer , Over Your Cities Grass will Grow , was presented in Cannes as part of the “A Special Screen” series.


  • 1998: Lars from 1–10 (short film)
  • 2001: Because I Sing
  • 2002: Hoover Street Revival
  • 2005: Ramallah! Ramallah! Ramallah!
  • 2006: The Pervert's Guide to Cinema (documentary)
  • 2007: Dance and Ecstasy: Alain Platels VSPRS (VSPRS Show and Tell)
  • 2010: Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow (documentary)
  • 2011: The Pervert's Guide to Ideology (documentary)
  • 2012: First Row Orchestra (short film)
  • 2012: Hopper Stories (short film)
  • 2017: Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami (documentary)
  • 2018: Artificial Things (documentary)

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