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Stadtwerke Pforzheim GmbH & Co. KG

legal form GmbH and Co. KG
founding 2001
Seat Pforzheim , GermanyGermanyGermany 
  • Herbert Marquard (Managing Director)
  • Dirk Büscher (Chairman of the Supervisory Board)
Number of employees 465 (2018)
sales 366.7 million euros (2018)
Branch power supply
As of January 29, 2020

historical logo until 2016

The Stadtwerke Pforzheim GmbH and Co. KG (SGP) for the supply of customers in the city of Pforzheim with district heating and drinking water responsible. In addition, they are one of several providers of electricity and natural gas in the Enzkreis .


The first central water supply in Pforzheim was founded in 1875 and was fed by the springs in the Grössel valley. Of the total of 23,000 inhabitants of the city, 17,000 had their own connection at the time.

The city's first power station went into operation in 1894 after a ten-year planning phase.

After the First World War , the citizens' committee of the city of Pforzheim decided to connect the power grid to the overland power supply in Baden . In 1922 almost all municipal businesses had an electricity connection.

On January 1, 1939, the Eigenbetriebsverordnung came into force: With the merging of the supply service providers gas works , water works , electricity works as well as the Pforzheim tram and the Pforzheimer Kleinbahn to Ittersbach , this was the hour of birth of the Pforzheim municipal works. Later they also operated the Pforzheim trolleybus , which ran from 1951 to 1969.

The second half of the 20th century was characterized by the expansion of the municipal utilities. In 1972 and 1983 a 110 kV switchgear house and a 20 kV control center were built. The Enzwerk in Brötzingen - built as a provisional facility in the post-war period - was also expanded and formed the heart of the power supply for three decades. When the company's own buildings were merged on the Enzwerk site in 1980, the old power plant was demolished.

Since 1985 the Pforzheimer Stadtwerke has developed into an energy supplier and service provider for the entire region. In particular, the aspects of efficient energy generation and renewable energies have played a major role in the last two decades. For example, river power plants were built on the Auerbrücke and in Eutingen to generate electricity .

In 2004 the biomass block in the thermal power station was put into operation.

The enterprise


Stadtwerke Pforzheim is a privately owned energy supply company. The shareholders are the city of Pforzheim (65%) and Thüga AG (35%). The SWP have a 20% stake in the gas supplier Pforzheim Land GmbH (GVP). They also hold 90% of the shares in Heizkraftwerke Pforzheim GmbH and 37% in the ebz Energy and Consulting Center Pforzheim / Enzkreis GmbH, Pforzheim.

Numbers 2016

electricity 1.249 million kWh
District heating 261 million kWh
gas 627 million kWh
water 6.36 million m³

Operating areas


The municipal utility has been supplying Pforzheim with electrical energy since the end of the 19th century. Today, SWP draws around six million kilowatt hours annually mainly from the Pforzheim thermal power station and the Energie Baden-Württemberg company (EnBW) .

District heating

The company has its own thermal power station . Here, electricity and heat are generated using a process known as combined heat and power , which enables the utilization of over 80% of the energy from fossil fuels.

natural gas

In addition to conventional natural gas , the company also sells Biogas Plus, which consists of 10 or 30% biogas.


Part of the drinking water supply comes from wells and springs of the SWP, for example the Enzauen and the Grösseltal. SWP receives 4,821,000 m³ from the Bodensee water supply .


The company offers WLAN and fiber optic connections in the area of ​​the city of Pforzheim .

Energy advice

The energy and building advice center Pforzheim Enzkreis offers free energy advice on energy-saving technologies (including heating systems, thermal insulation and building modernization).

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