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Memorial plaque on the house at Markgrafenstrasse 35 in Berlin-Mitte for the Centralstation Markgrafenstrasse

Electricity plant , E-Werk or power station are historical names for a power plant or substation for the energy supply with electricity.

Change of concept

Today these names are eponymous for cultural centers such as B. the E-Werk in Erlangen or the E-Werk in Cologne , venues for conferences such as the E-Werk in Berlin or e-commerce companies such as B. eWerk GmbH in Malsfeld or IT service providers and agencies for web design and internet.

Electricity plant refers to the power generation plant itself, the industrial location, the building or the entire company that deals with the generation, distribution and billing of electricity. Electricity works were often communal operations (according to the idea of municipal socialism ), which over time merged with gas works , water works and tram companies to form public utilities . The first public German power station went into operation as a substation in Berlin in 1885 . As early as 1884, Oskar von Miller began building an electricity works in Munich , followed by the electricity works in Dessau and Scheibbs (the first in Austria ) in 1886 and the " Central Station for Electric Lighting" in Darmstadt in 1888.

Another previously used term for power plants that served multiple locations is Überlandzentrale or Überlandwerk (s) .

Naming for suppliers

"Municipal Electricity Plant" in Ilmenau (built in 1899)

These historical roots are still visible in the names of some energy providers . B. at

as well as the companies formerly trading under Vattenfall Europe , now deleted from the commercial register:

  • B ERLIN E lektrizitäts w erken AG ( BEWAG ) and
  • H amburgischen E lektricitäts- W erken ( HEW ).

Naming for cultural centers and other event locations

As a follow-up use, decommissioned power stations nowadays often serve as an event location or accommodation for social facilities.

Numerous facilities for youth, culture, art, politics, social service centers and other initiatives, which are mostly named after the original function and the name of the building E-Werk , can be found in Bad Homburg vor der Höhe , Erlangen , Eschwege , Göppingen , Cologne -Mülheim, Neckargemünd , Oschatz , Plön , Saarbrücken , Sassnitz and Weimar . In Freiburg is the Freiburger drama school at E-Werk .

The listed former substation in Berlin is now a company park and event location for z. B. Conferences, fashion shows or award ceremonies.

Naming in the internet age

In the modern age of e-commerce and e-business , numerous institutions do not refer the designation e-works to their original location, the building itself or an energy supply company, but from the services offered in e-commerce or goods with electricity operate. For example, the Humboldt University of Berlin, under the name EWeRK, deals with energy and competition law in the municipal economy, eWerk GmbH in Malsfeld as a provider of "everything that runs on electricity" with e-commerce and numerous service providers called ewerk as a web designer, web agencies and IT service providers.

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