Stage Fright (album)

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Stage Fright
The Band's studio album


17th August 1970

Label (s) Capitol

Format (s)


Genre (s)

Folk rock , country rock

Title (number)


running time

35 min 41 s



The band

The Band
Stage Fright Cahoots

Stage Fright is the third studio album by the Canadian folk and country rock group The Band . It was released on August 17, 1970 on the Capitol Records label . The album was mostly positively received by the critics, even if in retrospect it is mostly overshadowed by the classic status of its two predecessors. Stage Fright , however, had better chart positions than the band's other albums. The album reached number 5 on the US Billboard charts and number 15 in the UK .

In terms of style, Stage Fright was more oriented towards rock than the band's first two albums. The atmosphere of the album was darker and the vocal harmonies that had shaped the earlier recordings faded into the background. Robbie Robertson established himself more and more as the main songwriter of the group. Richard Manuel, on the other hand, appeared on Stage Fright for the last time in the songwriting credits of an album by the band.

Stage Fright was the band's first album on which each of the musicians played at least two instruments. It was also the group's first album that the five musicians produced themselves. John Simon , who produced the band's first two albums, only appeared as a guest musician on one track, The WS Walcott Medicine Show . Todd Rundgren was the sound engineer on Stage Fright .

In October 1970, Time to Kill was released as a single with The Shape I'm In as the b-side . The song had little success in the Billboard charts, where it peaked at number 77. The single did not reach the UK Top 40 .

Track list

A side

  1. Strawberry Wine ( Levon Helm / Robbie Robertson ) - 2:34
  2. Sleeping ( Richard Manuel / Robertson) - 3:10
  3. Time to Kill (Robertson) - 3:24
  4. Just Another Whistle Stop (Manuel / Robertson) - 3:48
  5. All La Glory (Robertson) - 3:31

B side

  1. The Shape I'm In (Robertson) - 3:58
  2. The WS Walcott Medicine Show (Robertson) - 2:58
  3. Daniel and the Sacred Harp (Robertson) - 4:06
  4. Stage Fright (Robertson) - 3:40
  5. The Rumor (Robertson) - 4:13


On August 29, 2000, Capitol released the album on CD with the following bonus tracks :

  1. Daniel and the Sacred Harp (Robertson) - 5:01 (Alternate Take)
  2. Time to Kill (Robertson) - 3:26 (Alternate Mix)
  3. The WS Walcott Medicine Show (Robertson) - 3:05 (Alternate Mix)
  4. Radio Commercial - 1:05

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