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Stefan Thomas Josef Lanka (born September 27, 1963 in Langenargen ) is a German molecular biologist , author and publisher. He takes various scientifically refuted positions such as AIDS denial and he is an opponent of vaccinations . He became known to a wider public through a lawsuit in which he denied the existence of the measles virus .

Live and act

Stefan Lanka was born in 1963 on Lake Constance . He studied biology at the University of Konstanz , where he presented his diploma thesis on virus infestation in marine brown algae in 1989 . In 1994 he was at the same place with a dissertation on the subject of molecular biological studies of viral infection in Ectocarpus siliculosus (Phaeophyceae) for Dr. rer. nat. PhD .

Since 2003 he has been running the homepage and the magazine of the same name "Wissenschektivenplus".

conspiracy theories

Lanka believes that no viruses would exist that diseases cause. For example, Lanka hypothesizes that AIDS is not caused by an HIV virus ; rather, AIDS was invented in order to try chemotherapy drugs on homosexual men . In his opinion, the H5N1 bird flu is not caused by a virus. He describes modern medicine as the most important pillar of dictatorships and undemocratic governments .

In an interview with the newspaper FAKTuell, which is closely related to the so-called Germanic New Medicine , Lanka said: “On the other hand, biological structures that are supposed to do something negative have never been seen. The basis of biological life is togetherness, is symbiosis, and there is no place for war and destruction. War and destruction in biological life is a write-up of sick and criminal minds. "He contradicts undisputed findings of toxicology , after the strongest poisons by biological factors (ex .: snake venoms , plant toxins , fungal toxins , botulinum toxin ). At the same time, his statement contradicts the fact that poisons, for example, play an important role in nature, for example in defense against predators or in hunting. Lanka's one-sided portrayal of evolution as a process of purely cooperative interactions contradicts the biological knowledge that the competition for resources ( food , living space , sexual partners ) and "eat and be eaten" are important drivers of evolution.

In connection with the swine flu vaccination it suspects a conspiracy of the United States with the World Health Organization : In the US, are nanoparticles in vaccines banned as they are recommended "... controlled by the US-American World Health Organization of the rest of the world. Does the USA want to emerge from the pandemic as a strengthened world power? "

Measles process

In 2011, Stefan Lanka offered prize money of 100,000 euros for proving the existence and determining the size of the measles virus , the existence of which he denies based on his theories. The physician David Bardens therefore sent Lanka six scientific publications from renowned medical journals that prove the existence of the virus. Since Lanka had repeatedly refused to pay out the prize money, Bardens went to court in early 2014 to sue for the prize money. On March 12, 2015, the regional court of Ravensburg issued a judgment against Lanka, in which the latter was sentenced to pay the prize money, as the court came to the conclusion that the criteria of the competition were met both formally and in terms of content. Lanka announced that it would appeal . In September 2015, the Tettnang District Court confirmed the receipt of payment of 121,000 euros, which invalidated the arrest warrant issued against Lanka shortly before. David Bardens was able to claim the prize money after depositing a security deposit of 110,000 euros despite an appeal, as the judgment was provisionally enforceable. The appeal went to the Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart (OLG).

In the process in Stuttgart, there was a turning point in the process: the "anti-immunization does not have to pay." The reason for this decision of 16 February 2016 is located in the special nature of a competition brief : The promoter (Lanka) had a single work with the evidence required The plaintiff, on the other hand, delivered several publications that can only provide evidence in total . Therefore, the appeal was essentially upheld. The press spokesman for the OLG, Stefan Schüler, emphasized, however, that according to the expert reports obtained , the studies presented by the plaintiff (Bardens) in a holistic view provided “both the proof of the existence of the measles viruses and information about their diameter”.

After the ruling by the Stuttgart Higher Regional Court, Bardens lodged a non-admission complaint with the Federal Court of Justice (BGH). This was rejected by the BGH on January 20, 2017. The decision of the OLG is now final.

Classification by science and criticism

In the academic discourse, Lanka is ignored because of its unscientific theses. However, some doctors and scientists point out the dangers that his statements could pose to laypeople: where there is no virus, there is no need to take any precautionary measures. This could lead to dangerously lax contraceptive measures, which would then lead to an increase in sexually transmitted diseases. Critics also hold against Lanka his positive reference to the so-called Germanic New Medicine by Ryke Geerd Hamer . Lanka itself is the owner of the vaccination-critical website

Negative awards

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