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Steven Randall "Randy" Jackson (born October 29, 1961 in Gary , Indiana ) is an American singer and musician . He is a former member of the band "Jackson 5" and the band The Jacksons ( The Jackson Five ). His parents are Joseph Jackson and Katherine Jackson , he is a brother of the pop singers Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson . Randy Jackson is the youngest son of the Jackson family as the ninth child.

Musician career

As a child, he first learned to play the piano .

Jackson Five

From 1972 he had, often together with his younger sister Janet Jackson , guest appearances in the Jackson Five, mainly as a percussionist. As a result, he learned to play drums from the Jackson Five drummer .

The Jacksons

When the Jackson Five changed record labels in 1976 and had to call themselves The Jacksons for contractual reasons , he replaced Jermaine Jackson , who stayed with the old label, as singer. At the age of 16, he and his brother Michael Jackson wrote the Jacksons' most successful single, Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) . As a multi-instrumentalist, he also played drums, guitar , bass guitar and keyboards on the recordings , which is why his brother Michael sometimes called him the best musician in the family. As such, he also appeared on some of his brother's solo recordings, such as his hit album Off the Wall .

In February 1980 (exact circumstances unknown) Randy Jackson was seriously injured in a car accident. Apparently he has had a slight disability since then.

Fortunately, Randy was fully able to take part in the Jacksons' "Triumph Tour" in 1981 and in later projects of the band. After the Victory Tour (1984) Michael and Marlon left the band. Randy and his remaining three brothers released one last album together with 2300 Jackson Street .

Randy & the Gypsys

At the end of 1989 Randy founded his own band "Randy & the Gypsys". Her first appearance ended in a fiasco , as Randy couldn't get out of his cabin due to stage fright . Nevertheless, the band got a recording deal and produced an album. But she never went on tour.



  • 1989 Randy Jackson and the Gypsys


  • 1978 How Can I Be Sure
  • 1989 Perpetrator
  • 1989 Love You Honey
  • 1990 Money for Nothing

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