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Suevica - Contributions to Swabian literary and intellectual history

description German literary magazine
First edition 1980
ISSN (print)

Suevica - Contributions to Swabian literary and intellectual history is a literary journal with a focus on Swabian Romanticism ( Swabian Poet School ).

The Swabian Romanticism includes poets like Justinus Kerner , Ludwig Uhland , Gustav Schwab , Nikolaus Lenau , Wilhelm Waiblinger and Eduard Mörike and thinkers like David Friedrich Strauss . The magazine also takes into account the "Swabian Fathers", i. H. Representatives of Swabian Pietism such as Johann Albrecht Bengel and Friedrich Christoph Oetinger , or the poets Friedrich von Schiller and Friedrich Hölderlin , and others. a. the philosophers Hegel and Schelling .

The magazine was founded in 1980 by Margot Buchholz ( Justinus-Kerner-Gymnasium Weinsberg ) and Hartmut Fröschle (University of Toronto ). Volumes 1 and 2 were edited by Buchholz and Fröschle, volumes 3–6 by Fröschle. In 1992, the editorial office was transferred to Reinhard Breymayer ( University of Tübingen ).

The Suevica appear in the series of Stuttgart works on German studies (editors of this series: Ulrich Müller [Salzburg], Franz Hundsnurscher [Münster in Westphalia] and Cornelius Sommer † [Berlin]).

From volume 3 onwards, the magazine has the upper title Suevica , i. H. Swabian (plural of the neuter Suevicum ).

The Suevica concentrate on the Württemberg literature of Swabia with its impact on the Heilbronn-Franconia region ( Heilbronn am Neckar, Weinsberg ), but also take into account other historical regions and the context of German-language literature, in addition to standard German, in some cases, Swabian dialects .