Tango (1980)

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German title tango
Original title tango
Country of production Poland
Publishing year 1980
length 8 minutes
Age rating FSK No age limit
Director Zbigniew Rybczyński
script Zbigniew Rybczyński
production Ryszard Maciej Okuński ,
Ignacy Goncerz
music Janusz Hajdun
camera Zbigniew Rybczyński
cut Barbara Sarnocińska

The film Tango is an animated film from 1980 that was shot in the Se-ma-for studio in Łódź .


The camera perspective does not change and shows a room in which different people pursue different activities. The room has a bed, table, chairs and a cupboard. The first movement in the film is a ball that leaps into the room through the window and is fetched back by a boy. Little by little, other people come into the room and do different activities, with processes repeating themselves and other people appearing. Among other things, a young couple in love, a boy with a balloon, an old woman and an athlete are shown. People walk past each other and don't interact. The only sound is a tango that is played.


Mitternachtskino writes: “Tango is an incredibly lively, entertaining collage of live-action excerpts , which Rybczynski, as usual, technically implements almost perfectly. A grandiose work of animation art, and certainly one of the most beautiful, varied short films of its kind. "


In 1981 the film received the FIPRESCI special award in Oberhausen. In the same year he received the bronze Lajkonik at the International Short Film Festival in Krakow for Music. In 1982 the film was awarded for best animation at the Tampere International Short Film Festival and in Ottawa it received the award for experimental film. In 1983 it was the first Polish film to receive an Oscar . Poland had previously received two Academy Awards for film scores. It was awarded for the best animated short film .


The film marked the end of Rybczyński's work with the Se-ma-for studio. Despite martial law in Poland, he was allowed to travel to the United States to receive the Oscar and did not return.

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