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Sweden Västra Götaland location map.svg
Localization of Västra Götaland in Sweden
State : Sweden
Province  (län): Västra Götalands län
Historical Province (landskap): Bohuslan
Municipality  : Tanum
Coordinates : 58 ° 44 ′  N , 11 ° 19 ′  E Coordinates: 58 ° 44 ′  N , 11 ° 19 ′  E
SCB code : 4600
Status: Crime scene
Residents : 1774 (December 31, 2015)
Area : 2.07 km²
Population density : 857 inhabitants / km²
List of perpetrators in Västra Götaland County

Tanumshede is a place ( Tatort ) in the Swedish province of Västra Götalands län and the historic province of Bohuslän .

The place in the municipality of Tanum is located about 55 kilometers north of Uddevalla .


Tanum Church
Rock carvings by Tanum

The area around the place has been inhabited for a long time and is part of the rock carvings of Tanum , which were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994 . The Ludesten bei Säm is a largely disturbed megalithic complex west of the village. There are two rune stones from Tanum from the Germanic Iron Age next to the town's church . Later a thing place was built here and in the 17th century a rest house for travelers was added.

In addition to the rock carvings, Tanumshede is more recently known for the Tanum teleport , a satellite station for telephone calls to North America and later all over the world. The facility was built in 1971 and operated jointly with Denmark, Finland and Norway. Today it belongs to the Telia Company .


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