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Tencent QQ

Basic data

developer Tencent
Publishing year February 11, 1999
Current  version 8.9.5
(September 25, 2017)
operating system Windows , macOS , Linux , Android , iOS
programming language C ++
category Instant messaging
License Freeware
German speaking Yes

Tencent QQ (formerly OICQ ) is one in East Asia widespread, free instant messaging - service . The domain Qq.com is one of the ten most visited websites worldwide.


Development of registered users of Tencent QQ from 2000 to 2010 (in 100,000)

Ma Huateng (also called Pony Ma) developed OICQ ("Open ICQ") together with his research colleague Zhang Zhidong (also called Tony Zhang) and published it in November 1998. The success of OICQ was overwhelming. Within one year, OICQ was able to win five million users. Due to the steadily increasing number of users, more servers were needed, but Tencent could not afford the costs, so Ma felt compelled to sell OICQ. At first Ma thought a retail price of 600,000 yuan was reasonable, but couldn't find a suitable partner. Eventually, it received $ 2.2 million equity capital from IDG and Pacific Century CyberWorks Ltd. and OICQ has been renamed QQ.

In the USA, the abbreviation QQ also stands for “quite quality”, which means “pretty good”. To cover other running costs, Tencent developed value-added services such as QQshow and worked with well-known companies such as Nokia and Nike . The concept was successful and by May 2008 there were 783 million registered users. At that time, a maximum of 40 million users were online at the same time.

In September 2012, Tencent signed an agreement with the registry for .cn domains under which all QQ users should have the opportunity to register their own domain . Experts expect that the cooperation will trigger a run on the top-level domain .cn due to the widespread use of QQ .

Messenger versions

  • QQ 2009 SP2: Released December 24th, 2009, is the stable version of QQ Messenger for Windows operating systems.
  • QQ 2010 Beta: Released on February 1, 2010, is the current beta version of QQ Messenger for Windows and comes with official Windows 7 support .
  • QQ International: Released on February 2, 2010, version 1.4 is from July 5, 2012 and offers language support: Japanese, English, French and German.
  • QQ for MAC: Version 1.0 released on January 19, 2009, is a version for the Apple Macintosh and offers official support up to Mac OS X Tiger (v10.4.11)
  • QQ Linux: Released January 4, 2009, is a beta version of QQ Messenger for Linux .
  • QQ Mobile 2009: Released December 30th, 2009, is a QQ Messenger application for Pocket PCs and Smartphones .
  • QQ Iphone: Released on July 4, 2009, is an adapted version of the QQ Mobile for the Apple iPhone .
  • webQQ: Released January 2009, is a Java applet based QQ Messenger for the web browser.

More QQ products

  • QQ.com : Portal page for Messenger published in 2003. It combines news, a search engine, a free e-mail inbox, software downloads, weather reports, SMS and MMS services, dating, online games and much more.
  • QQmail : A value-added service for all QQ users. Each user may wish a @ qq.com - email received address.
  • QQshow : With the help of so-called Q-Coins (virtual money, where 1 € = 10 Q-Coins (Chinese: Q 币Q-bi )) users can create avatars and customize them in QQ department stores.
  • QQhome : Users can create their own virtual apartments, decorate them in the QQhome shop and then retreat to this domicile and chat with other users.
  • QQgame : game portal. There you can play a wide variety of games - board games, card games, etc. - against other users. Today, QQgame also operates MMORPGs , among other things . B. World of Warcraft to compete. The CrossFire operated by QQgame deserves special mention, which is the second most popular MMOFPS , next to Counter Strike Online , in China.
  • mobileQQ : Mobile QQ service that allows users to access the QQ network using the mobile phone .
  • QQgen (QQ GENERATION) is QQ's own clothing line. It ranges from a simple T-shirt with a penguin print (the QQ logo) to a CD box.
  • Paipai (Chinese: 拍拍paipai ): With Paipai, QQ wants to compete with eBay on the Chinese market.
  • QQpet : From hatching a little penguin to growing up, you can “play along”, send it to school, give it something to eat, let it shower and let it work.
  • QQmusic is QQ's music download portal .
  • QQzone : QQzone is a social network and offers a personal website for the QQ user. The user can write blog and guest book entries as well as upload and manage photos here . Friends of the user are informed about status messages and changes in the QQzone and can comment on them.

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