The Prisoner (1990)

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German title The prisoner
Original title Huo shao dao
Country of production Hong Kong
original language Cantonese
Publishing year 1990
length 84 ( censored ) minutes / 92 ( censored ) minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Chu Yen Ping
script Fu Li
Yeh Yuen Chio
production Jimmy Wang Yu
music Fu Lap
camera Chan Wing Shu
cut Chow Tak Yeung

The Prisoner ( Island of Fire ) is an action and martial arts film shot in Hong Kong in 1990 with Andy Lau in the lead role. Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung can also be seen in other roles .


A police murderer dies in an explosion in Hong Kong. However, the dead person is identified as a criminal who had been executed in a prison two years earlier. In order to get to the bottom of the mystery, a policeman can be smuggled undercover into the corresponding prison. He realizes that there is a mood of violence here and that the guards are criminals.

When the policeman is forced to kill a corrupt guard, he is dropped by his bosses and sentenced to death in prison. Shortly before the execution, however, he was approached by a group led by the prison director who exchanged death row inmates for other unpleasant fellow prisoners in order to get rid of them. He accepts it and survives. When the group is later charged with a murder by the director, it does not fail, but it turns out that it was a trap. During the escape, everyone involved dies except the police officer, who can then arrest the director.


"A desolate mixture of prison film, kung fu and police rioters with well-choreographed but very drastic fight scenes that is difficult to endure even for friends of the genre."

Individual evidence

  • The action described above is that of the German version. Compared to the Taiwanese version, which is 29 minutes longer, the actual ending, in which the escaped prisoners are shot at an airport, is missing as well as some scenes of violence.
  • At the end of July 2017, the uncut version of the film was released in Germany from 16.
  • Jackie Chan is named as the main actor, but only plays a short part. He and all the other actors did a favor for producer Jimmy Wang Yu by participating in the film, as in Jackie Chan - Die Superfaust . Jackie Chan was busy filming his film Mission Adler - The Strong Arm of the Gods .

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