Tobias Knopp - Adventure of a Bachelor

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Original title Tobias Knopp - Adventure of a Bachelor
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1950
length 76 minutes
Age rating FSK 6
Director Wolfgang Liebeneiner
script Gerhard Fieber ,
Walter Pentzlin ,
A. Stich ,
N. Schultze
production Walter Pentzlin ,
Gustav Gavrin
music Hans-Martin Majewski
camera Kurt Drews ,
Tatjana Langus
cut EM Werner

Tobias Knopp - Adventures of a Bachelorette is a cartoon by Wolfgang Liebeneiner from 1949 , which is based on the first part of the Knopp trilogy by Wilhelm Busch . It was released in German cinemas on February 24, 1950 and is the first full-length cartoon of the post-war period.


The wealthy Tobias Knopp becomes more lonely and eccentric over the years. He let himself go, gained a lot in girth and ran out of hair. He waited too long for the right woman and involuntarily remained a bachelor.

But now he wants to know again and still wants to get married. But first the right woman has to be found and so Knopp goes on a bridal look through the German countryside. He visits his friends who have been married for many years and gets all sorts of tips from them on how you can get to know a woman and win her heart. On his journey, Knopp learns a lot about the different facets of married life. After countless adventures, however, he ultimately fails to find a suitable partner and returns home frustrated. As he fears that he will have to live a lonely existence until the end of his life, he finally proposes to his housekeeper Dorothee, who accepts it.


“The disappointingly ending free ride of the bachelor Tobias Knopp turned into a cartoon film based on the picture sheets by Wilhelm Busch, decorated with speaking parts and singing. Undemanding, nice entertainment, a delightful side note in terms of film history, ”was the verdict of the lexicon of international films .


The synchronized editing was done at Alfa-Film Produktion, Göttingen. Synchronous Director led Wolfgang Liebeneiner.

role Voice actor
Tobias Knopp Wolfgang Liebeneiner
Piepo Werner Finck
Plan Erich Ponto
mosquito Gerd Martienzen
Crook Günther Lüders
Forester Knarrtje René Deltgen
Dorothee Hannelore Schroth
Babbelmann Otto fee
Adele Grethe Weiser
Rector Debisch Harald Paulsen
Pickled bread Albert Florath
Singers of the bachelor song Willi Höhne


Wilhelm Busch , Mr. and Mrs. Knopp, Luebbe Publishing Group, Bergisch Gladbach 1979, ISBN 3-404-01177-5

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