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Tomáš Durdík (born January 24, 1951 in Prague ; † September 20, 2012 there ) was a Czech medieval archaeologist , important castle researcher and monument conservator .


Durdík studied Prehistory / History at the Charles University in Prague , where he graduated in 1974. He has been working at the Archaeological Institute of the Academy of Sciences since 1971 , because his particular interest was archeology of the Middle Ages . In the course of time he specialized in researching Bohemian castles, dealing not only with their archeology, but also with the architectural history, typology and functions of the structures that have been preserved. Through his participation in two series of television documentaries, Hrady obývané i dobývané ( German  castles, inhabited and conquered ) and Štíty království českého ( German  protective shields of the Kingdom of Bohemia ), he contributed enormously to the popularization of his field.

In addition to his practical field studies and wide-ranging lecturing activities, Durdík was also active in university teaching. He taught at the Institute for Art History and at the Chair of Cultural Studies at Charles University and at the Faculty of Architecture at the Czech Technical University in Prague, where he was appointed professor in 2007 . In July 2012, he also took on the chair of archeology at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen .

His wide-ranging areas of interest were reflected in Durdík's activities in associations, organizations, advisory boards and commissions. He was a member of the main committee of the Czech Archaeological Society and a member of the Center for Medieval Studies. In addition, he was since 1989 chairman of the Society of Friends of Antiquity of the Czech Republic ( Společností přátel starožitností ). In this regard, the castle researcher was not only active on a national level, but also got involved in the work of internationally active associations, such as the Wartburg Society for Research into Castles, the Scientific Advisory Board of the German Castle Association and the Castrum Committee Bene and Castella Maris Baltici. In addition, Tomáš Durdík was involved in the preservation of monuments. She expressed herself, for example, in his work as chairman of the permanent commission for the evaluation of cultural monuments of the Czech Ministry of Culture and as chairman of the commission for the evaluation of institutionalized research. In addition, he was chairman of the scientific advisory board of the general directorate of the Czech National Monument Institute and chairman of the executive committee of the Czech national committee of ICOMOS . Durdík was awarded the Europa Nostra Prize in 2011 in recognition of his outstanding services in the field of monument preservation and research into Czech castles .


Tomáš Durdík published his research results in almost 500 publications in Czech, German and English. His most important work is the Encyclopedia of Bohemian Castles ( Czech Encyklopedie českých hradů ) published in the 1990s , which was revised and illustrated for a second edition in 1999. Durdík later published four additions to it. Further works deal with feudal seats in Bohemia, the royal castles during the Přemyslid period . He also launched the Castellologica bohemica series in 1989 and was its editor-in-chief.

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