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Transaldolase ( EC )
Enzyme classification
EC, category 2.-.-.-
Response type Transfer of a functional group ( donor-acceptor principle )
Parent taxon Creature

Transferases (from Latin transferre , `` to carry over '') are enzymes of the second enzyme class according to the systematic nomenclature of the enzyme commission of the International Union of Biochemistry (IUB) and catalyze the transfer of a functional group X (e.g. a methyl group or phosphate group ) from a donor A. to an acceptor B :

The donor is often a coenzyme .


Systematically correct names of transferases are formed according to the following pattern: "Donor: acceptor group transferase". But other names are more common. The common names of transferases are formed as follows: "acceptor group transferase" or "donor group transferase". Example: A DNA methyl transferase is a transferase that catalyzes the transfer of a methyl group to a DNA acceptor.

EC classification

Transferases are categorized in the EC number classification system under EC  2.-.-.- . Transferases can be more specifically classified under ten subclasses:


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