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Enzyme classification
EC, category 1.-.-.-
Response type Redox reaction
Parent taxon Creature

Oxidoreductases are enzymes that catalyze redox reactions . They occur in all living things and in many important metabolic pathways . In general, the catalyzed reaction is:

With every reduction , an oxidation is carried out at the same time , the reactions are also reversible and the reaction equilibrium is often in the middle, therefore subdivisions into oxidases (or oxidases ), dehydrogenases , reductases and the like are not useful. Rather, a systematic distinction is made according to the functional group that functions as an electron donor or electron acceptor .


In the internationally recognized EC classification of enzymes, the oxidoreductases form group 1. Then oxidoreductases are further subdivided according to the functional group that acts as a donor or acceptor for electrons. They often need cofactors as electron carriers.

The systematic name is donor: acceptor oxidoreductase .

 EC number  feature Examples
EC  1.1.-.- CH-OH as a donor Alcohol dehydrogenase , glucose oxidase
EC  1.2.-.- Aldehydes or ketones as donors Aldehyde dehydrogenase
EC  1.3.-.- CH-CH as donor Biliverdin reductase
EC  1.4.-.- CH-NH and CH-NH 2 as donors Glutamate dehydrogenase (NADP +) 1
EC  1.5.-.- CH-NH as donor Dihydrofolate reductase
EC  1.6.-.- NADH or NADPH Cytochrome b5 reductases
EC  1.7.-.- Nitrogen-containing group other than donor Nitrate reductase , ferredoxin nitrite reductase
EC  1.8.-.- sulfur-containing group as donor Sulfite oxidase
EC  1.9.-.- Malice as a donor Cytochrome c oxidase
EC  1.10.-.- Diols or diphenols as donors Polyphenol oxidase
EC  1.11.-.- Peroxides as an acceptor Catalase
EC  1.12.-.- Hydrogen as a donor Hydrogen dehydrogenase
EC  1.13.-.- Insertion of a molecule of oxygen , dioxygenases Homogentisate Dioxygenase
EC  1.14.-.- Insertion or reduction of a molecule of oxygen , monooxygenases NO synthase
EC  1.15.-.- Hyperoxide as an acceptor Hyperoxide dismutase
EC  1.16.-.- Metal ions as donors Ceruloplasmin
EC  1.17.-.- Effect on CH or CH 2 Xanthine oxidase
EC  1.18.-.- Iron-sulfur cluster proteins as donors Nitrogenase


Oxygenases transfer one or more oxygen atoms to their substrate, and ring openings often also take place on the aromatic molecule. Most of the time, NADP is consumed.

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