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Hugo van der Goes : Diptych of the Adoration of the Trinity, around 1480

Trinitatis ( Latin , genitive of trinitas , Trinity , Dreieinigkeit, Dreifaltigkeit) is a festival in the church year that is celebrated in the Western Church on the first Sunday after Pentecost . German terms are Dreifaltigkeitssonntag and Dreieinigkeitsfest , more rarely golden Sunday or Pious Day . The Latin Trinitatis originated from a shortening (similar to Epiphany ): The full name is Sollemnitas Trinitatis or Festum Trinitatis , "[solemn] ​​festival of the Trinity". In the current Roman Catholic Calendarium Romanum Generale , Sunday is called Sollemnitas Sanctissimae Trinitatis ("Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity").

In the Orthodox churches , Pentecost is also the feast of the Trinity; the Sunday after Pentecost is celebrated there as All Saints' Day.

The festival, which arose in the French Benedictine monasteries at the turn of the first millennium, was celebrated in 1334 by Pope John XXII. Introduced into the Roman general calendar and is dedicated as a festival of ideas to the veneration of the Most Holy Trinity : God the Father , Son and Holy Spirit . Until the missal reform of 1969/1970, the prefection of Trinity was the usual Sunday prefection in the celebration of mass .

The Sundays from Trinity up to the end of the church year are counted as Sundays “after Trinity” in the Protestant Church . The Catholic Church, on the other hand, counted them as Sundays after Pentecost until the liturgical reform after the Second Vatican Council . Since then, they have been referred to as Sundays in the annual cycle, which, in addition to the time after the Holy Trinity, also includes the Sundays between the Christmas and Easter festivities .


In the Cistercian constitutions , the sermon in the chapter on the Holy Trinity was declared not to be indicated due to the difficulty of the matter (“propter difficultatem materiae”).


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