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Seeon-Seebruck municipality
Truchtlaching coat of arms
Coordinates: 47 ° 57 ′ 34 "  N , 12 ° 30 ′ 4"  E
Height : 518 m
Residents : 1150
Incorporation : January 1, 1980
Postal code : 83376
Area code : 08667

Truchtlaching ( Bavarian Truchtling ) is a district of the municipality of Seeon-Seebruck in the Upper Bavarian district of Traunstein .


Truchtlaching on the Alz
Alz near Truchtlaching
Parish church of St. Johann Baptist, Gothic building from 1435, extended to the west in 1956

The parish village of Truchtlaching is located in the Alztal in the north of the Traunstein district at an altitude of 518  m above sea level. NN and has about 1150 inhabitants. In the north, between Alz and Rabenden , the high plateau is bordered by Schlelecht, with large farms and large agricultural areas.



Large barrows bear witness to the early settlement of the area around Truchtlaching by Celtic settlers around the year 500 BC. Later the Romans influenced the area from Bedaium ( Seebruck ).

middle Ages

The place came into the possession of the Bavarian dukes in the Middle Ages.

In the late Middle Ages, the place was given to the Knights of Truchtlaching as a fief. These acted as officials of the Archbishop of Salzburg and the Count Palatine of Crainburg. In 1347, Emperor Ludwig IV left the Truchtlachinger Knights to collect tolls on the Alz Bridge.

The von Truchtlaching family is mentioned particularly frequently in connection with the Frauenwörth monastery in the Chiemsee: on May 25, 1313, an Albrecht von Truchtlaching gave his virgin sister Dietmut a trousseau for entering the monastery. Euphemia von Truchtlaching presided over the monastery as abbess around 1300, Sophia II from 1356 to 1386.

Martha, her relative, was a conventual from 1361 to 1396 and is named in some sources as an abbess, but this is to be regarded as problematic as her term of office would overlap with Sophia von Truchtlaching. In the years 1351 and 1356 Heinrich the Elder von Truchtlaching was called as a witness in the dispute over fishing rights under Abbess Katharina Hamperstorferin von Chiemsee. In 1401 the Lords of Truchtlaching are also mentioned in a document. On January 26, 1471, the brothers Hanns and Wilhelm von Truchtlaching sold the Kaltenekerhäusel across the bridge from Seebruck and some fiefs on the Künzensau. In addition, a Philipp was the dean of the canon monastery Baumburg.

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On May 1, 1926 area parts of the dissolved parish Pattenham were incorporated.

Modern times

On January 1, 1980, the new municipality of Seeon-Seebruck was formed through the merger of the formerly independent municipalities of Seebruck, Seeon and Truchtlaching.

Radio station

Since February 2015, Radio Buh , an internet radio station, has been broadcasting a mix of folk and independent music from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Radio Buh is a project by Evi and Stefan Dettl with the help of other musicians.


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