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Ulrike Fitzer, 2006

Ulrike Fitzer , b. Flender (* 1982 in Aidlingen ) is a female German Bundeswehr - officer . She is the first woman to be used as a fighter pilot by the German Air Force , the first German tornado pilot and the first woman as a flight instructor on the Eurofighter .


Fitzer grew up as the daughter of an electrical engineer and a civil engineer in Aidlingen. Her original career aspiration was that of an astronaut . While she was still at school, she did an internship with a tornado squadron .

In 2003 she graduated from high school and applied to the Air Force as an officer candidate at her father's suggestion . She completed her first flight in May 2005 with the 3rd German Air Force Training Squadron at the Airline Training Center Arizona in Goodyear (Arizona) in a single-engine propeller machine of the Grob G 120A type .

She continued her flight training from February 2007 for 13 months at Sheppard Air Force Base near Wichita Falls , Texas . The training there was carried out on the Cessna T-37 and Northrop T-38 . On September 22, 2007, she received her military aircraft license . On the Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo in New Mexico was then formed on the Tornado.

From 2008 she was used in the Fighter Bomber Wing 32 at the Lechfeld Air Base near Augsburg . Regarding her role as a pioneer, she said: “I didn't want to be the first, I just wanted to fly”. In October 2013 she completed her retraining to become a Eurofighter pilot with the Tactical Air Force Squadron 73 "Steinhoff" ; since November 2014 she has been a flight instructor on the aircraft type.


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