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Uwe Jäntsch (* 1970 in Wasserburg am Bodensee, grew up in Bregenz ) is an Austrian artist . He lives in Palermo .


Uwe Jäntsch dropped out of art studies after only eight months and is self-taught as an artist . His work includes so-called "interventions" with drawing , painting , sculpture , installation , performance and film art . In doing so, he mainly addresses the dismantling of anti-culture and the reassembly into new forms and contents.


In 1993 he made Fish Pills , a 27-minute silent film on 16mm, a hand-moved animation . "Cars drive through a large city at the same speed and drive together through an organically muscular city park to a large supermarket, which turns into a sewing machine when the cars are swallowed. There the cars are made into cans and the occupants are made into psychedelic tablets." Between 1994 and 1999 Uwe Jäntsch traveled through Zurich, Vienna, San Francisco, Berlin and Hamburg and presented the Fish Pills project more than 70 times with live music by musicians and performers from the respective cities in various clubs, galleries, cinemas and theaters. From 1996 he developed the Fish Pills project into an electronic exclusive setting.

Between 1996 and 1997 Uwe Jäntsch supported the Hafenklanghaus at Hamburg's fish market and illustrated the last page in the city magazine " Szene Hamburg " for the first written publications by Rocko Schamoni .

In 1999 he took part in the Fumetto Comics Festival in Lucerne on the subject of "madness" in a prison cell. Designed by the Gregor K. Gallery in Bregenz.

Between 1999 and 2007, Uwe Jäntsch occupied the social structures of the Piazza Garraffello of the Mercato di Vucciria in the old town of Palermo with his artistic interventions in painting, installations, performances, and film art . Initially, he covered 19 visible interiors with floral patterns in a facade of the Palazzo Loggia dei Catalani that had been destroyed to the ground in a period of five months. He continued this spatial concept in galleries in Bregenz, Hamburg and Vienna with five additional rooms. Since 2003 he has lived in the Vucciria in Palermo. In a small house, above the palazzo covered in flowers, he installed himself in a golden bed in the 25th room and had himself photographed with visitors who had to climb a long ladder for ten euros per person. In 2005 he covered the flower walls of the Loggia dei Catalani in front of a Piazza Garraffello organized by numerous witnesses in a performance in twelve minutes with 130 red color bombs. In 2006 he filled the balconies of the facade of the Palazzo Lo Mazzarino Merlo with hundreds of empty beer crates and in another five months stuffed selected rubbish from the containers in the Piazza Garraffello over the Palazzo Loggia dei Catalani, which was covered with its red-colored flowers, and called this work his own cathedral , titled the piazza as a Museo, divided the dumpster in half and installed an office with Costanza Lanza di Scalea in between. On November 21, 2006, his work was disposed of by the City of Palermo on behalf of Mayor Diego Cammarata. In 2007, Uwe Jäntsch transformed the Palazzo Lo Mazzarino into an empty bank and signed his name.

In 2008, Uwe Jäntsch ran from February 1st to April 12th as mayor of the small Sicilian town of Riesi with a fake beard and plastic flowers in his hand, thereby expanding his artistic intervention. He made a number of McDonald’s , but they were just house covers, and gave the city a Christmas tree for Easter. The mayor's office of Riesi had been administered on a provisional basis for a number of years. A legal mayor was elected two months after his action.

In 2009 Uwe Jäntsch reworked an empty row of houses in the former Orient Express train station in Venice with representational logos from everyday life as part of the official framework of the 53rd Venice Biennale on the subject of "Making Worlds". He expanded this work with interventions in Sicily with the Hotel Africa in Porto Empedocle , a nine-storey, never-opened hotel and an unfinished motorway bridge with no exit and access road in the Madonie National Park near Blufi .

2011 premiere of his documentary AC / DC, greetings from Palermo . For two days, Uwe Jäntsch opened the closed Palazzo Costantino Merendino , Palazzo Di Napoli and the north-northeast facade of the Quattro Canti in Palermo with three oversized installations made of abandoned building materials, scaffolding and more than 5 km of cordon tape for the renovation work on the building, which was stopped in 2006 . After six days, its installation above the north-northeast facade of the Quattro Canti was disposed of by the fire brigade and the city police.



  • 1996 jellyfish
  • 1997 The silver surfer
  • 1998 ant powder
  • 2001 WW1
  • 2003 Black Peter
  • 2003 love
  • 2003 OK
  • 2004 Posterbook
  • 2005 Planet of the Apes
  • 2006 Museo Piazza Garraffello Palermo (MPG # 1)
  • 2007 Palermo Report (MPG # 2)
  • 2007 17 Golden Palermo Interventions (b> gallery Roma)
  • 2008 Riesi Sindaco
  • 2009 Porn Pavilion (53 ° Biennale di Venezia)
  • 2010 Rosa (b> 49 Roma)
  • 2011 AC / DC, greetings from Palermo
  • 2012 Coca Fanta Palermo (Merker.tv)
  • 2015 With dedication (Bregenz obituary)
  • 2016 Palermo Icone
  • 2017 bancomat_family_friendly social media catalog

Short films

  • 1994 Fish Pills
  • 2002 Hotel Bube
  • 2006 Museo Piazza Garraffello
  • 2007 Parco Foro Italico
  • 2008 Riesi Sindaco
  • 2009 Sicilian Dog
  • 2010 Money doesn't matter
  • 2011 AC / DC, greetings from Palermo

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