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The International Law Commission (Engl. International Law Commission , ILC) is a subsidiary organ of the UN . It was used by the UN General Assembly in 1947 to further develop and codify international law . She is mainly concerned with drafting conventions. Many of these drafts are now one of the foundations of international law and form the working basis of most human rights organizations and other subsidiary and special organs of the UN.

The commission consists of 34 independent legal experts. They are each elected for a period of 5 years and represent the most important legal systems in the world. Some of the reports and drafts drawn up by the Commission are selected by itself. Most of the issues are brought to them by the General Assembly or the UN Economic and Social Council .

The work of the commission covers almost all international legal issues, such as state sovereignty , human rights , diplomatic and consular relations, economic relations, contract law , the law of the sea and international criminal law .


Previous German-speaking members of the ILC were or are:

Alfred Verdross AustriaAustria Austria 1957-1966
Stephan Verosta AustriaAustria Austria 1977-1981
Christian Tomuschat GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany 1985-1996
Bernhard Graefrath Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR German Democratic Republic 1987-1991
Gerhard Hafner AustriaAustria Austria 1997-2001
Bruno Simma GermanyGermany Germany 1997-2002
Lucius Caflisch SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland 2007-2016
Georg Nolte GermanyGermany Germany since 2007
August Reinisch AustriaAustria Austria since 2017

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