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Valerie Stoll (* 1999 in Berlin ) is a German actress .


From 2015 Valerie Stoll played at several theaters in Potsdam .

In the television film Where no shadow falls (2017), the third film in the NDR's "Northern Lights" series on the topic of mystery , Stoll played 14-year-old Hanna in her first major film role, a quiet student who, after three years in boarding school, was in her Home village and gets to feel that she is not wanted there. In the by Sherry Hormann for the ZDF staged TV tragicomedy We love life , which was erstausgestrahlt in April 2018 ZDF, Stoll had the supporting role of Milly; Along with Gustav Schmidt , Mohammed Issa , Ludwig Simon and Melina Fabian, she was one of the middle school students who were rehearsing a song by Vicky Leandros for a school performance under the guidance of a dedicated teacher .

Stoll was used as Elena in the mini-series Parfum by Philipp Kadelbach , which played on several time levels and premiered in June 2018 as part of the Munich Film Festival . At the level of the past, in the flashbacks of the 1990s, she embodied, alongside Oskar Belton , Franziska Brandmeier , Albrecht Felsmann , Leon Blaschke and Julius Nitschkoff, an "innocent, lonely" girl who was exposed to the excesses of violence in a youth clique and who later became a dependent wife.

In the television film Vernau - Totengebet , which was first broadcast on ZDF in January 2019, she played alongside Jan Josef Liefers . In the 2nd season of the ZDF series SOKO Hamburg (2019), Stoll, alongside Malte Thomsen , took on one of the main roles in the episode as a temporary worker in the tourism office and friend of a suspected temporary waiter in the Hamburg yacht club. In the episode breathless (first broadcast: January 2020) from the ZDF crime series Helen Dorn , in which Stoll was in front of the camera alongside Anna Loos in a leading role in the episode, she played Mona, a 15-year-old homeless girl who witnessed a murder.

Stoll lives in Berlin.


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