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The Association of German Constitutional Law Teachers is an association of professors of public law founded by Heinrich Triepel in October 1922 . In 2018 it had 799 members.

Founding and the Weimar period

After the desire for a union of constitutional law teachers had existed for a long time in professional circles, an assembly called by the Berlin constitutional law teachers met on October 13 and 14, 1922 in the Senate Hall of the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Berlin ; 42 of the 67 constitutional law teachers invited had come.

These were

Heinrich Triepel was elected chairman of the association of constitutional law teachers, Gerhard Anschütz, Richard Schmidt and Anton Dyroff as his deputies, Fritz Stier-Somlo as secretary. Those present decided on statutes, on the basis of which they founded the "Association of German Constitutional Law Teachers", which all those present joined as members.

During the Weimar Republic , the Association of German Constitutional Law Teachers met seven times; in these years, it had between 80 and 90 members, fluctuating.

Nazi regime and the post-war period

The association was inactive during the Nazi era . The conference planned for April 1933 was postponed, but no longer took place. In 1938 Carl Sartorius and Otto Koellreutter dissolved the association.

It was not until 1949 that the association was re-established after efforts by Willibalt Apelt, Hans Helfritz, Walter Jellinek and Erich Kaufmann; the newly founded association initially had 82 members. Constitutional law teachers who were involved in the Nazi system were excluded, but later partially rehabilitated and reinstated (for example Ernst Rudolf Huber 1956; Carl Schmitt is a counterexample).

In the following years the number of members increased continuously; In 1955 it was already over 100, in 1970 over 200, in 2010 the number of 700 members was reached; In 2012 there were 724.

Conferences and proceedings

The members meet once a year at changing law faculties for a conference that is considered to be the most important public law conference in Germany. The opportunity to speak to colleagues is an outstanding moment in the academic life of a constitutional law teacher, in addition to doctorates and habilitation, as well as inaugural and farewell lectures. After each conference, the association publishes a conference volume, which appears under the title Publications of the Association of German Constitutional Law Teachers (VVDStRL).


The association has long been considered one of the most conservative and elitist circles in Germany. According to Heribert Prantl , professors and private lecturers from German-speaking countries who are not proposed for admission or who are not admitted despite a suggestion must expect a loss of professional reputation.


The board of directors (chairman and two deputies) is elected for two years according to the statutes. Since 2019 it consists of the chairman Ewald Wiederin , his deputies are Christian Walter and Pascale Cancik .


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