New Music Publishing House

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Publishing house Neue Musik GmbH

legal form GmbH
founding 1957
Seat Berlin , Germany
management Detlef Kessler
Branch Music publisher

The publishing new music is a specialist publisher for contemporary music in Berlin .


The publishing house was founded in 1957 by the Association of German Composers and Musicologists in Berlin. Nathan Notowicz , the general secretary of the association, became the holder of a license from the Publishing and Book Trade Headquarters in the Ministry of Culture . This made the composers and musicologists the only artists' association in the GDR that was allowed to run its own publishing house. The tasks between Breitkopf & Härtel and the new publishing house were regulated by a voting agreement in November 1957 so that the New Music publishing house limited itself exclusively to contemporary music. He also published the journal Articles on Musicology , which appears several times a year . About thirty people were employed in the publishing house. Because the publishing house was not a state-owned company , the Treuhandanstalt was not involved in 1990 . The Neue Musik publishing house was converted into a GmbH and later sold to the West German Edition Margaux . In 1991, the publisher announced that it was leaving the German Book Trade Association . The documents of the composers' association were transferred to the holdings of the Akademie der Künste in Berlin. In 1996 the subsidiary Kreuzberg Records was founded. In 2000 AMA Verlag in Brühl acquired the rights of the contemporary music publisher.

Authors and composers such as Hans-Joachim Hespos , Michael Obst , Daniel Seel , Henry Büttner , Kurt Schwaen , Bert Noglik , Harry Goldschmidt , Walter Thomas Heyn , Caspar René Hirschfeld , Reiner Bredemeyer , Frank Schwemmer , Ruth Zechlin , Sidney Corbett publish at the publishing house , Gwyn Pritchard , Andre Asriel , Siegfried Stöckigt , Paul Dessau , Caspar de Gelmini , Ottmar Gerster , Thomas Müller , Johannes Paul Thilman , Hanns Eisler , Siegfried Matthus , Georg Katzer , Thomas Buchholz , Günter Neubert , Gerhard Wohlgemuth , Gerd Domhardt , Günter Kochan , Hans Jürgen Wenzel , Michael Stöckigt , Timo Jouko Herrmann , Alois Bröder and Richard Nikolaus Wenzel .

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