Viktor Rokitansky

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Viktor Rokitansky , Victor Freiherr von Rokitansky (born July 3, 1836 in Vienna , † July 17, 1896 there ) was an Austrian opera singer ( baritone ), composer and singing teacher . He was the younger brother of Hans Rokitansky .


Rokitansky was a concert singer from a young age. From 1860 he lived in Italy for several years (including Milan and Bologna ), where he perfected his vocal studies.

After several years as a stage singer in Graz (1865), Olmütz (1866), Innsbruck (1868) and Lemberg (1869/70), he devoted himself to music lessons. From 1871 to 1880 he was professor of singing at the Conservatory of the Society of Friends of Music in Vienna . Rokitansky wrote the theoretical work On Singers and Singing (1891).

Rokitansky also composed songs and church music .

Student (selection)

Franz Xaver Battisti


  • About singers and singing . A. Hartleben's Verlag, Vienna / Pest / Leipzig 1891 (2nd edition 1896).

Works (selection)

  • Ave Maria , op.4
  • O salutaris hostia , op.5
  • Morgenthau: We wanted in Kosen und Lieben , op.15
  • Al Ballo: Già la luna è in mezzo al mar ' , op.20
  • Because you are mine: How beautifully emblazoned in the fresh flower colors , op.21
  • Girl with a red mouth , op.22 (text: Heinrich Heine )
  • Quietly moves through my mind , op.26 (Text: Heinrich Heine)