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As a baritone (from Greek barys "difficult", "deep" and tonos . "Sound", Mz , the baritones , Switzerland and the Baritöne ), the average male singing - vocal range between tenor and bass , respectively.


The range of the chest voice of a baritone ranges from G to G '(i.e. two octaves). The baritone reaches the note b 'with the head voice. A singer of this voice range is simply called a “baritone” or, more rarely, a baritone player . There are also variants in the baritone register of numerous musical instruments, e.g. B. the baritone saxophone .

Approximate pitches of the different voices


Peter-Michael Fischer divides the pitch baritone in tenor baritone , baritone tenor , baritone medium and bass baritone . He gives a statistical frequency of 60% for the first three voices and 15% for the bass baritone. Well-known tenor baritones are Georg Thauern, Carl von Schönstein , Adolf Karl Kühns , Karl von Bukovics and Franz Wild .

In the opera

A distinction is made between the following vocal subjects in the opera sector :

A number of eminent baritone singers are featured on the list of famous classical music singers .

In the musical

The baritone is also represented in musicals, mainly as a high baritone (such as Thomas Borchert or Bruno Grassini ). He sings roles such as Count von Krolock in Tanz der Vampire , Javert in Les Misérables , Pilatus or Peter in Jesus Christ Superstar , Franz-Joseph , Lucheni in Elisabeth or the title role in Dracula . For the lower baritones there are roles such as judge Turpin or the title role in Sweeney Todd .
The baritone is a musical version of the baritone. It combines tenor and baritone elements in voice color and range and, like the high baritone, can also take on low tenor parts.

In pop music

Typical baritones in pop music were and are, for example, Geoff Tate , Dean Martin , Frank Sinatra , Lee Hazlewood , Neil Diamond , Roland Kaiser , Tom Smith (Editors) , Dave Gahan , Heino , Stan Rogers , Lou Rawls , Matt Berninger , Elvis Presley , Johnny Cash , Jim Morrison , Eddie Vedder , John Lennon , Tom Jones , Leonard Cohen , Ian Curtis , Nick Cave , Ville Valo and Alex Kapranos .

In barbershop singing

The baritone in the barbershop complements the chords in the closed harmony. This results in lines that are very difficult to sing in the untempered, pure intonation (English: "pitch"), which also require very good hearing in order to bring out the overtones in the chords.

Individual evidence

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