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Wassil Krumow Boschkow ( Bulgarian Васил Крумов Божков ; born July 29, 1956 in Velingrad , Bulgaria ) is a Bulgarian oligarch and entrepreneur who is one of the richest Bulgarians with an estimated fortune of 1 to 3 billion leva . After Boschkov fled to Dubai in January 2020, he was charged with various offenses and crimes related to murders, money laundering and tax evasion.



Boschkow graduated from the National Mathematical and Natural Science High School Sofia . He has two degrees: Applied Mathematics from the University of Sofia and Labor Economics from the University of National and World Economy (Sofia).


Boschkow began his economic activity in 1989 with the sale of currency, antique objects and weapons. He soon opened a chain of exchange offices. In 1991 he registered his main company "Nove Holding" (Bulgarian: "Нове Холдинг"), of which he was the main shareholder. Since 2005 he has been chairman of the company's board of directors.

In 1991, Boschkow became a partner in Ilija Pavlov (Bulgarian: Илия Павлов) and Mladen Michalew (Bulgarian: Младен Михалев) in the IGM (Bulgarian: "Ай Джи Ем"). He opened a casino in the “Rila” hotel. In 2007 he was co-owner of the Radisson SAS and Hemus casinos and bingo rooms.

In 1994 Boschkow opened the “Bulgarian Trade and Industry Bank” [BTIB] (bulg .: Българска търговска индустриална банка [БТИБ]), which merged with the credit bank Multigroup (bulg .: Мултигру) in 1996/97. The credit bank went bankrupt in 1999 . In 2000 he bought the assets of the bankrupt “Erste Privatbank” (Bulgarian: Първа частна банка).

In 2006 Boschkow acquired the former privatization fund "Patishta Holding" (Bulgarian: "Холдинг Пътища"; English: "Roads Holding"; German: "Straßen Holding") on the stock exchange. The main shareholder of "Patishta Holding" is "ABW Ingeneering" (bulg .: "АБВ Инженеринг"), which is owned by "Nove Integral" (bulg .: "Нове интернал") - a subsidiary of "Nove Holding" (bulg .: "Нове холдинг"). Boschkow bought a large part of the regional, state-owned road construction companies through the “Patishta Holding”, which was previously owned by the state headquarters “Roads” (Bulgarian: “Patishta”).

In 2006 the Polish news magazine Wprost Boschkov's fortune was worth USD 1 billion, in 2007 it was USD 1.5 billion and in 2008 it was USD 1.35 billion.

Boschkow is a member of the Federation of Large Industrialists and the Bulgarian Business Club.


In 2004 Boschkow founded the Trakia Foundation: the foundation's goal is to “organize and support the search for and preservation of cultural values ​​that are part of the Bulgarian and the cultural and historical heritage of the world”. The managing director of the foundation is Kiril Chistoskow. The foundation is mainly concerned with the exhibition and popularization of Boschkov's antiques. The foundation also financed archaeological excavations between 2005 and 2007 .

Boschkow has an extensive collection of ancient objects. The archaeologist and politician Boschidar Dimitrov estimates that the pieces in the collection were exported from Bulgaria before 1911 and that Boschkov bought them abroad. The collection was described by the art historian and politician Ivan Marazov .

Part of the collection was shown in Brussels in 2006 and in Moscow in 2009. In 2011, 230 pieces of Thracian and Greco-Roman art from Boschkov's collection were on loan for the exhibition “Thrace and the Ancient World 15th - 1st Centuries BC. Chr. - Wassil Boschkow Collection ”on display in the National Historical Museum in Sofia.


In 1993 Boschkow founded the company for sports betting "Eurofußball" (Bulgarian: "Еврофутбол"), in which the Greek billionaire Sokratis Kokkalis has been involved with his company Intralot since 2002 .

In 2000, Boschkov was elected chairman of the “Bulgarian Federation of Sport Shooting” (Bulgar .: Българската федерация по спортна стрелба), in 2003 he was chairman of the “Bulgarian Chess Federation” (цg .: Баралгарся) In 1999 he bought CSKA Sofia , the country's leading football club; In 2006 he sold the football club to the Indian businessman Pramod Mittal, the younger brother of Lakshmi Mittal . In 2019, Boschkow bought the Levski Sofia soccer club and sent a press release from Nove Holding to announce that he would take care of the management, financing and long-term development of this soccer club. According to Boschkov, he invested 25 million leva in the football club within a year. On June 2, 2020, he transferred the entire block of shares to Bulgarian football legend Nasko Sirakow .

Organized crime

Boschkov's name is mentioned in WikiLeaks correspondence that leaked from internal information letters from the US Embassy in Bulgaria to the American State Department . Together with Todor Batkow (Bulgarian: Тодор Батков), Grischa Ganchev (Bulgarian: Гриша Ганчев) and the brothers Krassimir Marinow (Bulgarian: Красимир Маринов) and Nikolai Marinow (Bulgarian: Ников) as an example for Bosch of Bulgaria's business world’s most famous links with organized crime.

According to information also published via WikiLeaks, the incumbent US ambassador to Bulgaria, John Ordwick, described Boschkow in a diplomatic letter in 2009 as “the most notorious gangster” and stated that Boschkow was involved in “money laundering, privatization fraud, extortion, extortion and was still active in the illegal trade in antiques ”.