Western Wei Dynasty

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Western Wei, Eastern Wei, and Liang in China

The Western Wei Dynasty followed the dissolution of the Northern Wei , and ruled northern China from 535 to 556 .

After the Northern Wei Emperor Yuan Xiu was killed by the Xianbei General Yuwen Tai , Yuan Baoju was installed as emperor of the Western Wei, while Yuwen Tai acted as the actual ruler. Although the Western Wei were smaller in territory and population than the Eastern Wei , they were able to withstand the attacks of the Eastern Empire, and thanks to their better economic conditions, the Western Wei were able to cover the entire western part of the Liang - Empire in the south to conquer and occupied what is now Sichuan . In 557 dethroned Yuwen Tai's nephew Yuwen Hu to Emperor Gong and put Yuwen Tai's son Yuwen Jue to the throne, ending the Western Wei and founded the Northern Zhou .

Western Wei ruler (535–556)

Posthumous Name (Shi Hao 諡 號) Personal name Duration of the reign Era names and respective time periods
Northern dynasty
Chinese convention: Western Wei + posthumous name
Wen Di (文帝wén dì) Yuan Baoju (元寶 炬 Yuán Bǎojù) 535 - 551 Datong (大 統 dà tǒng) 535–551
Fei Di (廢帝 fèi dì) Yuan Qin (元 欽 Yuán Qīn) 552 - 554 does not exist
Gong Di (恭帝 gōng dì) Tuoba Kuo (拓拔 廓 Tuòbá Kuò) 554- 556 does not exist