Wilhelm Münker Foundation

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Wilhelm Münker Foundation
Purpose: Health, hiking, nature conservation, home care
Chair: FA. Berthold
Consist: 1958
Founder: Wilhelm Münker
Foundation capital: 2.2 million DM
Seat: Hilchenbach
Website: www.wmstiftung.de

The Wilhelm Münker Foundation is a non-profit foundation for health , hiking , nature conservation and home care based in Siegen .

The foundation has set itself the task of not only demanding the protection of the natural environment, the preservation of health through a natural way of life and the renewal of the joy of hiking, but also to point out ways and to take our own measures that solve these for ours serve all questions so important in the future. Wilhelm Münker (1874–1970), founder of the foundation, has always advocated protecting the necessary human habitat, namely living nature, from the dangers of civilization and industrialization , and educating young people about the need for a healthy lifestyle to point out the dangers posed by stimulants such as nicotine and alcohol .

Münker has always viewed hiking as an excellent way to keep the body healthy while at the same time turning people towards nature and their own homeland . Beyond the idea of ​​a youth hostel - he was a co-founder of the German Youth Hostel Association in 1909 - it was therefore his endeavor to familiarize all age groups of the population with the idea and advantages of hiking. His demand to keep our home and our natural landscape free from the excesses of outdoor advertising arose entirely of its own .

In the spirit of Wilhelm Münker , the foundation is committed to the goals that have determined his life's work in order to support the urgent need to preserve nature and health. The foundation promotes these ideas and explains the dangers. In addition, the board members work in the committees of the organizations active in these areas (e.g. German Youth Hostel Association) to identify ways of solving these important questions.

Since the mid-1980s, the foundation has been self-publishing the booklet series Studies and Articles on Quality of Life, Forest Conservation and Environmental Protection, Public Health , Hiking and Homeland Security . Authors include Karl Carstens , Georg Gallus , August Gebeßler , Wolfgang Hinrichs , Eduard Kirwald , Fritz Lamerdin , Hubert Markl , Dietrich Mülder , Wilhelm Münker himself and Karl-Eugen Rehfuess .

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