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Wilhelm Hohn (born February 5, 1881 in Rotenhain , † April 16, 1972 in Bad Homburg in front of the height ) was a German church musician , composer , choirmaster , organist and teacher .


Hohn was born in the Westerwald in 1881 . As a child he received piano , violin , viola and organ lessons . At the teachers' academy in Montabaur , the seminar leader Karl Walter recognized his great musical talent and recommended that he study church music in Regensburg.

After studying at the church music school in Regensburg (today's University for Catholic Church Music and Music Education in Regensburg ) until 1909 with Franz Xaver Haberl , Michael Haller and Joseph Renner jun. Hohn initially worked as a teacher in the Westerwald, but then switched to schooling in Homburg , which he held until 1946. He was active as cantor of the Catholic Church of St. Mary from 1909 until his death in 1972.

Wilhelm Hohn especially cultivated Gregorian chant and classical vocal polyphony . Hohn became internationally known through his studies of his teacher Michael Haller, the book Der Kontrapunkt Palestrina and his contemporaries and the publication on the Missa Papae Marcelli by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina . In addition, he published numerous articles on church music, especially in the magazine Musica sacra .

Hohn composed almost 100 works, including 17 masses, 72 motets ( offertories ), concerts for choir, solos and orchestra as well as a German magnificat , a Christmas oratorio and cantatas , an extensive volume with organ pieces, organ pieces for the diocesan song book of the time and choral pieces for other church and Folk songs. The works are only partially available.

Wilhelm Hohn was on May 27, 1948 by Pope Pius XII. awarded the Pontifical Cross of Honor Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice .


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  • Missa prima ad duas voces aequales , op.1
  • Missa II in honorem Sanctae Antonii , op.5
  • Price of the Creator , op.6
  • Twelve short, easily executable organ trios for worship use , op.8
  • Six fugues for organ for worship use , op.10
  • Missa sexta in honorem Sanctae Walburgae , op.18
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  • Festival Offertories , op.74
  • Hymn-Ricercare (organ) , op.94


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