University for Catholic Church Music and Music Education Regensburg

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University for Catholic Church Music and Music Education Regensburg
founding November 2001
Sponsorship ecclesiastical
place regensburg
state BavariaBavaria Bavaria
country GermanyGermany Germany
Rector Stefan Baier
Students 170
Employee 67
including professors 13

The University for Catholic Church Music and Music Education Regensburg (HfKM) is a state-recognized church university in Regensburg . The range of courses with a bachelor's or master's degree includes church music , vocal pedagogy , choir conducting , instrumental pedagogy and purely instrumental courses. A cooperative partnership with the University of Regensburg also enables training for artistic teaching at grammar schools.


Today's college was founded in 1874 by Franz Xaver Haberl (1840–1910) as the world's first “Catholic church music school”. Right from the start, it had international significance beyond the German-speaking area. Since 1909, the school has been sponsored by the church “ Stiftung Kirchenmusikschule Regensburg”, which is affiliated to the diocese of Regensburg . In 1910 the school received state approval from Prince Regent Luitpold of Bavaria . On January 1, 1973, the church music school was converted into the "Academy for Catholic Church Music and Music Education". Cooperation agreements with the Munich University of Music and Performing Arts made it possible to take diploma exams.

In November 2001, the school was raised to the rank of a music college and has been named since then. The founding rector was Klemens Schnorr . From 2003 to 2011 Franz Josef Stoiber , who was also the cathedral organist of Regensburg Cathedral , was the rector of the university. During this time, the university building was completely renovated. In addition, the church music and music education profile was strengthened through the implementation of the European study reform (Bachelor / Master). Stefan Baier has held the office of rector since October 2011.

Grand Chancellor of the university is the incumbent bishop of the Diocese of Regensburg in personal union .

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