Wilhelm Vatke (theologian)

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Johann Karl Wilhelm Vatke (born March 14, 1806 in Behnsdorf near Magdeburg , † April 19, 1882 in Berlin ) was a Protestant theologian and professor of the Old Testament and religious philosophy in Berlin.

Wilhelm Vatke studied in Halle, Göttingen and Berlin and became a private lecturer at the University of Berlin in 1830 and a professor there in 1837. Vatke was one of the founders of the more recent biblical criticism of the Old Testament. In the same year (1835), when David Friedrich Strauss published his "Leben Jesu" (Life of Jesus), Vatke published his book The biblical theology scientifically presented , which contained similarly revolutionary ideas about the Old Testament. Vatke's ideas were hardly taken up at first and were then further developed by Abraham Kuenen and Julius Wellhausen .

His son Wilhelm was a botanist.


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