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Wincenty Kadłubek in a picture from Sandomir Cathedral

Wincenty Kadłubek (* around 1150; † March 3, 1223 in the Jędrzejów Monastery ) was Bishop of Kraków and a Polish chronicler .

life and work

Wincenty ( Vincencius ) Kadłubek probably came from the high nobility of southern Poland. After studying in Paris and Bologna since 1189 as a master's degree at the court chancellery of Senior Duke Casimir II in Cracow , he probably also taught at the cathedral school there . After 1191 provost of the Marienstift in Sandomierz , 1208 bishop of Krakow, he resigned in 1218 to retire as a monk in the Cistercian Abbey of Jędrzejów.

He wrote a four-volume Chronica Polonorum , also Chronica seu originale regum et principum Poloniae , which reached up to 1205 , in excellent Latin . In Guide 1-3 Archbishop Johannes result of Gniezno and Bishop Matthew of Kraków a scholarly dialogue on the history of Poland, the fourth book is telling, though interspersed with dialogue form bays, including a epicedium to the death of Casimir II., A scholastic embossed , the controversy of the personified Maeror and Iocunditas , composed in 58 trochaic stanzas (IV, 20).

His education included Roman and canon law (about 180 quotations), he knew numerous ancient and late antique authors, had a particular preference for Exempla from Justin's Epitoma Pompei Trogi , tied to the Neoplatonic tendency of the Chartres School , the philosophy of the state and political moralism of John from Salisbury and to Macrobius , the Parisian dialectic and vagante poetry , also to the Anglo-Norman schoolmasters who worked in Paris. In the creative joy of expanding the prehistory, Kadłubek can be placed in the vicinity of Geoffrey von Monmouth and Saxo Grammaticus .

His pragmatic interpretation of Polish history is based on the idea of ​​political justice and the well-being of the cives. Kadłubek paid particular attention to the Krakow saga of the southern Polish Lechites (Book I), such as legends about Krak , the Wawel dragon and the Wanda saga , the bloody conflict between King Boleslaw II and St. Stanislaus of Krakow , Bishop of Krakow ( double interpretation the Church and State Reason: II, 16-20 ), the conflict Bolesław III. Schiefmund with his half-brother Zbigniew (II, 28-31) as well as the rivalries of the princes for power in Krakow, the seat of the princeps of the princes, especially the rise of Casimir II in the dispute with the Greater Poland prince Mieszko III. who appeared to the Krakowians as a tyrant (IV, 2-5). Wincenty Kadłubek was in 1764 by Pope Clement XIII. Beatified , his feast day is March 8th.

Source editions

  • Eduard Mühle (Hrsg.): The Chronicle of Poles by Magister Vincentius (= selected sources on the history of the Middle Ages. Freiherr-vom-Stein-Gedächtnisausgabe. Vol. 48). Scientific Book Society, Darmstadt 2014, ISBN 978-3-534-24775-2 .


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