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Under winter sports are in German-speaking sports understood that symbolize winter because they on snow and ice are exercised. In the past, these only took place in winter due to the seasonal dependency , nowadays they are possible in every season and in all climatic areas thanks to ice and ski halls . In other cultures, such as North American, winter sports are those sports that are usually practiced indoors and with artificial light in winter, such as B. gymnastics , basketball or ice hockey .


The winter sports initially include the traditional sports on skis , sledges and runners . It was only with these aids that locomotion on snow and ice became possible. Gradually, sporting competitions arose, often based on landscape and cultural conditions.

Moving around on skis differs significantly in flat or mountainous environments. There are also significant differences in the sledges, depending on whether they were pulled by dogs or horses or whether they are mainly companions for downhill rides. The use of runners under shoes or carts to slide on ice is more rooted in the flatlands.


When it comes to skiing , a distinction is made between Nordic and Alpine sports . In addition, there are newer developments such as snowboarding , skibobing and freestyle skiing . Also jumping over hills with wide competitions falls into this category, as well as speed skiing , high speed driving on skis.

In the toboggan area there is not only tobogganing in an artificial or natural ice channel, but also natural track tobogganing on snow slopes. As additional sports equipment, bobsleigh developed as an all-metal sled with several places and the skeleton sled as a minimal driving surface. Also to the slide area include race with sidecars as the sled dog races and skijoring .

In the ice skating area , two different main areas were created, speed skating and art skating . While in speed skating a direct comparison with ranking over times is possible, in figure skating the rating is based on artistry and contemporary taste. Both main groups have developed a variety of disciplines, so there are short track , short and long distance races as well as all-rounders in the speed area. In art skating, individual skating , pair skating and ice dancing as well as synchronized are held. Another group is ice hockey , one of the few team sports played on goals in winter.

Originally from the military sector, most of the winter sports that combine several disciplines come together. The popular biathlon , which arose from the military patrol, is just as much a part of it as the winter pentathlon, which is rarely held . Climbing mountains with skis and mountain equipment as ski mountaineering is also of military origin.

In addition to these locomotion-oriented sports, there are skill competitions based on ice or snow . These include curling and ice stock sport .

Similarly, one can also ice climbing , wintery mountain climbing , hiking with touring skis , ice diving , running events with Ski-Doo (snowmobile) and ice sailing are sled to the winter sports.

Winter sports in summer

The popularity of many winter sports has led to the fact that some of them are now carried out all year round on artificial ice rinks, in ski halls with built-in ski lifts or in areas with year-round winter weather.

In other winter sports, the sports equipment has been adapted to the warmer conditions. Here are especially the roller ski as cross-country skiing -Ersatz that Grasski and also the in-line skates to name. Also ski jumping allows the technical development now jumping from plastic covered hills in the summer.


On a business level, the ISPO in Munich is the most important trade fair for everything to do with winter sports. It usually takes place in the first week of February and is divided into the areas Ski-ISPO, Board-ISPO, Outdoor-ISPO and Fashion-ISPO.

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