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Wolfgang Kos (2014)

Wolfgang Kos (born May 12, 1949 in Mödling , Lower Austria ) is an Austrian journalist, historian and author.


Wolfgang Kos studied history and political science at the University of Vienna and, as a radio journalist, book author, exhibition designer and historian, dealt primarily with everyday history and the history of pop-cultural phenomena. From 1968 he built the legendary Ö3 radio show Die Musicbox together with Richard Goll, André Heller , Michael Schrott , Alfredreiber and others . In the 1970s he wrote for the Austria supplement or the Austria section of the German music magazine Sounds and in 1972 founded the Ö3 music program Popmuseum . In the early 1980s, Kos became the head of Musicbox . At that time he also began developing a new series of programs for the radio station Ö1 : Together with others, he created the Ö1 program Diagonal in 1984 - radio for contemporaries , of which he was director for a long time. In 1982 he recorded several singles under the band name Unfortunately No Millionaires ( What counts , Who does not go away etc.). The band was named after a quote from the SPÖ Finance Minister and Vice Chancellor until 1981, Hannes Androsch , unfortunately he was not a millionaire. From 1983 to 1991 Kos organized the Vienna avant-garde music festival Töne und Gegentöne together with Edek Bartz . Since the 1990s, Kos has regularly designed the Ö1 programs Spielraum und Spielraum spezial , thereby helping to shape them.

From 2003 to 2015, Kos succeeded Günter Düriegl as director of the Wien Museum , the former historical museum of the City of Vienna . For this position he ended his radio journalism career. In spring 2008 Kos' contract was extended for another five years. In September 2015 he was succeeded by Executive Councilor for Culture Andreas Mailath-Pokorny , appointed Matti Bunzl to in this function.


Works (selection)

  • About the Semmering. Cultural history of an artificial landscape (dissertation), Vienna 1984
  • The Conquest of the Landscape (publisher, exhibition catalog), Vienna 1992
  • Own home Austria. On politics, culture and everyday life after 1945 , Vienna 1994
  • 99 songs. A history of the 20th century , Vienna 2017

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