586 BC Chr.

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586 BC Chr.
Solomon's temple, reconstruction
The Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem is destroyed by the Babylonians under Nebuchadnezzar II .
586 BC In other calendars
Chinese calendar 35th (36th) cycle , year of the wood-pig乙亥 ( at the beginning of the year wood-dog 甲戌)
Greek calendar 2nd / 3rd Year of the 48th Olympiad
Jewish calendar 3175/76
Roman calendar from urbe condita CLXVIII (168)
Ongoing events
Iron Age III in Israel (since 587 BC)
Attic vase painting in Greece:
Hallstatt Period in Europe (since 650 BC)
26th Dynasty (time of the Egyptian Restoration) during the late period in Egypt (since 664 BC)
Eastern Zhou dynasty / period of spring and autumn annals in China (since 770/722 BC)
Ancient Greece : Archaic (since approx. 750 BC)
Dong-Son culture in northern Vietnam and southern China (since around 800 BC)
Middle Preclassic period among the Maya (since approx. 900 BC)
Antiquity in the Mediterranean region (since approx. 1200/800 BC)
La Venta period among the Olmecs in Mesoamerica (since approx. 1500 BC)


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  • The management of the Pythian Games goes to the Delphic Amphictyony , a council of the twelve Greek tribal groups. This means that the previously purely musical competitions also include gymnastic competitions and car and horse races. In future, they will not take place every eight years, as before, but every four years.