A Good Man in Africa

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German title A Good Man in Africa
Original title A Good Man in Africa
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1994
length 92 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Bruce Beresford
script William Boyd
production Bruce Beresford
John Fiedler
Mark Tarlov
music John Du Prez
camera Andrzej Bartkowiak
cut Jim Clark

A Good Man in Africa (TV title: The last hero of Africa ) is an American comedy film of Bruce Beresford from the year 1994 . William Boyd wrote the script based on his own novel of the same name .


Morgan Leafy is a secretary for the British Embassy in an African country. He has an affair with the wife of Sam Adekunle, a local politician.

When a local woman is killed by lightning, the body remains on the embassy premises. According to the locals, it must not be touched without appropriate rituals. Ambassador Arthur Fanshawe is expecting a visit from a relative of the British royal family. He instructs Leafy to solve the problem with the corpse. Fanshawe, however, refuses to pay a magician to do the rituals because he fears ridiculous financial control.

Leafy disappears the body, which causes a strike by local embassy staff. He is then sharply criticized by his superior.

Leafy is spoken to and threatened by his lover's husband, whose helpers drag him into the politician's car. Adekunle plans to conduct a real estate deal on land owned by the local hospital. The approval of the Board of Directors, Dr. Alex Murray heard, necessary. Leafy is supposed to meet with Dr. Befriend and influence Murray.

Leafy meets the passionate golfer Dr. Murray to a game. Murray notes with astonishment that he has never seen Leafy on the golf course.

Adekunle becomes the country's new president. Riots broke out, the demonstrators shouted slogans against fanshawe. Leafy leaves the embassy building to impersonate his boss and distract the protesters. On the run, he sees the site of a car accident, and an ambulance that has tipped over is lying on the street. Dr. Murray dies in the presence of Leafy.

The rituals for the woman killed by lightning are held. Leafy leaves the country.


The film was shot in South Africa . Its production amounted to an estimated 20 million US dollars . The film grossed approximately $ 2.3 million in US cinemas.


James Berardinelli wrote on ReelViews that the film was conceived as a snappy satire on the British colonial era. His problem is that he's often more boring than funny. The plot is "trite" ("trite"). The representations are "solid", with "ironically just the least impressive actor" - Colin Friels - being seen most of the time on the screen. None of the characters are particularly personable.

The lexicon of international films wrote: "Less a biting political satire than a largely amusing film game that works primarily through type and situation comedy and is supported by a very good cast."

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