Adolf Grimme Prize 1974

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The 11th Adolf Grimme Prize was awarded in 1974 . The award ceremony took place on March 22, 1974 in the Marl Theater.

Award winners

Adolf Grimme Prize with gold

  • Peter Stripp (for the direction of Im Reservat , ZDF )
  • Edith Scholz (for the script and direction of The German Peasants' War. The violence should be given ... , WDR )

Adolf Grimme Prize with silver

  • Rolf Hädrich (for script and direction for fish concert , NDR )
  • Dieter Magnus (for script and direction on kitsch and consumption: comments on so-called mass culture , SR )
  • Rainer Erler (for script and direction for Seven Days , ZDF)

Adolf Grimme Prize with bronze

Special honor

Honorable recognition

Special award from the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia

  • Gerd Albrecht (for the program Das Sonntagskonzert: Don't be afraid of heavy music , ZDF)

Special award from the Stifterverband for German science

  • Hoimar von Ditfurth (for the program Artificial Memories? New Discoveries in Brain Research , ZDF)

Sponsorship award from the Stifterverband for German Science

  • Gerhard Henschel (book) and Frederic Vester (book and direction) (for the program Thinking - Learning - Forgetting (1). A scientific cruise through our brain , RB )

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