Ajumako / Enyan / Essiam District

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Ajumako / Enyan / Essiam District
Location of the district within the Central Region
country GhanaGhana Ghana
region Central region
Capital Ajumako
District shape common
surface 483 km²
population 106,000 (2006)
Population density 219 Ew. / km²
ISO 3166-2 ISO 3166

The district Ajumako / Enyan / Essiam is one of 13 districts of the Central Region of Ghana . The less urbanized district in the center of the Central Region is divided into five traditional "paramouncies", i.e. domains of traditional leaders: Ajumako, Denkyira, Essiam, Enyan Abaasa and Enyan Maim. The population consists of different groups of the Fanti .


The district is predominantly agricultural; Kassawa , corn , plantains , citrus fruits and vegetables are grown . As cash crops also cocoa , palm oil , pineapple and oranges .

Palm oil is also processed on an industrial scale.

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