Asikuma / Odoben / Brakwa District

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Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese District
Location of the district within the Central Region
country GhanaGhana Ghana
region Central region
Capital Asikuma
District shape common
surface 765 km²
population 89,395 (2002)
Population density 117 Ew. / km²
ISO 3166-2 ISO 3166

The Asikuma / Odoben / Brakwa District is one of 13 districts in the Central Region of Ghana . Asikuma / Odoben / Brakwa was formed in 1989 from the former Breman-Ajumako-Enyan-Essiam District . There are 245 settlements in this inland district with no access to the sea. Fanti is the most important language spoken here, and some immigrants also speak the Akandialects of Breman , Agona and Gomoa . The majority of the population professes Christianity, there are also some followers of Islam and traditional religions. The district is mostly covered by tropical rainforest.


80% of the population is employed in agriculture, the main crops being cocoa, citrus fruits, avocado, plantain, corn, cassava, yams and bananas. There is a modest scale of agricultural products manufacturing.

More important localities

  • Asikuma
  • Breman Odoben
  • Breman Brakwa
  • Breman Kuntanase
  • Breman Bedum
  • Breman Jara
  • Breman Fosuansa
  • Breman coconut
  • Breman Nwomaso
  • Breman Benin
  • Breman Amoanda
  • Breman Amanfopong
  • Breman Baako
  • Breman Ayipey
  • Breman Anhwaim
  • Nankese
  • Supunso
  • Towoboase
  • Sowotuom
  • Breman Nyamebekyere.

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