Agona District

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Agona District
Location of the district within the Central Region
country GhanaGhana Ghana
region Central region
Capital Agona Swedru
District shape common
surface 632 km²
population 158,959 (2002)
Population density 252 Ew. / km²
ISO 3166-2 ISO 3166

Agona District is one of 13 districts in the Central Region of Ghana . The district has the third highest population density in the Central Region. Almost a third of the population lives in the capital Agona Swedru , the rest in a total of 496 larger or smaller settlements.

Ethnic composition

The original population of the district belongs to the Akan group of the Agona . The proportion of immigrant representatives of other ethnic groups is estimated to be between 10% and 30% Obutu , Gomoa , Ewe , Effutu , Fanti , Kwahu , Atakpamé , Kontokori and various ethnic groups from northern Ghana. In addition to Agona Swedru, which has attracted an above-average number of migrants due to its better earning opportunities in the public and private sector, the Otsenkorang area still has a high proportion of migrants due to the job opportunities in the cocoa industry. There are about three times as many migrants and their descendants here as native Agona.


The district is predominantly Christian, there is also an Islamic minority and followers of traditional religions. Members of all religious groups usually accept the traditional, local taboo regulations regarding field work or holidays.


64% of the population work in agriculture. The fertile soils enable the commercial production of cocoa , lemons , palm oil and cola nuts . Corn , Kassawa , yams and vegetables are grown to provide regional food . A large part of agricultural production, however, is limited to subsistence farming .

About 10% of the district area is forested, mahogany and the Odum tree are used for forestry .

The processing of agricultural products takes place on a limited basis, including the production of local gin .

Larger towns

  • Agona Swedru (capital)
  • Nyakrom
  • Kwanyako
  • Agona Nsaba
  • Bobikuma
  • Duakwa
  • Abodom
  • Asafo
  • Kwaman
  • Nkum
  • Mankrong Nkwanta
  • Amanful
  • Kotokori
  • Mankrong
  • Otenkorang
  • Kwansakrom
  • Nkwanta Nado
  • Okitsew
  • Bodwase Fantse
  • Wawase

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