Abura / Asebu / Kwamankese District

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Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese District
Location of the district within the Central Region
country GhanaGhana Ghana
region Central region
Capital Abura-Dunkwa
District shape common
surface 324 km²
population 90.093 (2002)
Population density 278 Ew. / km²
ISO 3166-2 GH-CP

The Abura / Asebu / Kwamankese District is one of 13 districts in the Central Region of Ghana . The district was formed in 1984 from the Mfantseman, Ajumako and Akumfi "Local Councils". The kingdom of Asebu was also located here in pre-colonial times and the district is home to a mythical giant named Asebu Amenfi . Abura / Asebu / Kwamankese extends from a narrow strip of coast on the Gulf of Guinea, widening significantly towards the north and east.

Ethnic and religious composition

99% of the population belong to various Akan groups , mostly the Fanti . About 85% belong to a Christian church, 5% to Islam, the rest of them profess traditional religions.


68% of those employed in the district work in agriculture, 12% in trade, the remaining 20% ​​in manufacturing and others.

The local farmers produce corn , cassava , plantains , yams , sweet potatoes , beans , peanuts , pepper , bananas and pineapples .

The company Fruits and Flavor Ltd. operates in Asebu the only industrial production within the district. Fruits and Flavor Ltd. processes lemon juice into lemon juice concentrate for export and is the largest plant of its kind in Ghana. The rest of the processing industry consists of very small operations in which the local gin Akpeteshi is distilled, local agricultural products are processed into gari or kenkey or soap is made.

More important localities

  • Abura-Dunkwa
  • Abkrampa
  • Amosima
  • Asebu
  • New Ebu
  • Brafoyaw
  • Edumifa
  • Nyanfeku-Ekrofur
  • Asebu Ekroful
  • Akonoma
  • Nyamedom
  • Ayeldu
  • Asuansi
  • Katayiase
  • Oboes
  • Subscriptions
  • Batanyaa
  • Obokor
  • New Odonase
  • Moree.

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