Everything stays different

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Original title Everything stays different
Country of production Switzerland
original language Swiss German
Publishing year 2006
length 88 minutes
Director Güzin Kar
script Güzin Kar
music Courtship Bachmann ,
Peter Bräker
camera Pierre Mennel
cut Kathrin Plüss

Everything stays different is a Swiss television film from 2006 . The film comedy was produced by the Langfilm company for Swiss television .


The 16-year-old Lisa finished her compulsory school days as the best in her class. That's why an elite high school offers her a scholarship . However, Lisa soon finds out that she is pregnant by 18-year-old Osman, who is currently serving a youth sentence. Osman and the two parents react in shock to the news. It is clear to her that Lisa is having an abortion. Lisa decides against it. This decision creates numerous entanglements in and between the two families from different cultures.


«In addition to the main actress Selina Weber in the role of Lisa and Serhalt Leilek as her friend Osman, Mike Müller and Nana Krüger shine as Lisa's parents, who are initially completely overwhelmed and trapped in narrow-minded thought patterns. But Hilmi Sözer and Meral Perin as Osman's parents also stage the cultural otherness - which is not that different - with a fine sense of humor and tough seriousness. You will find just the right amount of pathos that lets the actors and actresses run to their absolute top form.

A grandiose cut, a funny picture composition, the use of music and color do their part to make everything look fresh, modern and personable in a different way. (...) Those who are not touched by the charm of this film should look for a new heart. "

- Sonja Wenger on cinemabuch.ch

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