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Alphonse Gratry

Auguste Joseph Alphonse Gratry (born March 30, 1805 in Lille , † February 7, 1872 in Montreux ) was a French Catholic religious teacher, priest, opponent of infallibility and pacifist.

After military training, Gratry studied with Louis Eugène Marie Bautain in Strasbourg (a fideistic - biblical tradition, premodernistic ), where he became a priest in 1832, fought Renan and Vacherot and in particular the pantheism of Hegel , in 1852 he founded the oratory of the Immaculate Conception , where he later resigned, in 1861 he stood up for peace by engaging in social progress and Christian ecumenism. In 1863 he became a professor at the Sorbonne in Paris , and in 1867 a member of the Académie française .

Fridolin Hoffmann published his work against infallibility authenticated in German. It is dealt with extensively in the context of the Vatican One scriptures . But Gratry submitted.

In the area of ​​pacifist and erotic emancipation in connection with an idealistic-speculative philosophy of friendship between nations ( Herder ), he opposes scholasticism with its own ontology. His path from immaculate conception to free spiritual sexuality does not reach the mystical intensity of Saint-Martin's or Baader's erotic philosophy, but because of its connection with the celibacy problem , it is of greater influence, especially among those affected. Philosophically, he works on a connection between the philosophy of life and mathematical logic.

The Sillon movement has referred to him - since 1894 - and in 1906 a gratry society for peace is founded.


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