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A renovated old building in the Berlin district of Tempelhof-Schöneberg
Old buildings (Art Nouveau) in closed construction or in the block edge (Dortmund)
Gerloff's Villa in Braunschweig , an old building in the neo-renaissance style from 1889

A residential building is referred to as an old building mainly due to its nature and the construction method that is common during certain periods of time . This essentially refers to the construction method in residential construction that was common up until the Second World War, in which masonry walls , wooden beam ceilings and box windows were typically used. The beginning of the construction of concrete walls and ceilings as well as laminated and insulating glass windows therefore generally marks the end of the old building era and in Germany is usually dated to the year 1949. This is how the term is also defined and used in the Berlin rent index , for example .

The term stands in contrast to the term new building . Mixed designs are sometimes referred to as old new buildings . There are also new buildings that are built entirely in the solid construction style in the style of old buildings, which is often also expressed by correspondingly classic architecture.

In the past, the term mostly automatically referred to a building with simple, less comfortable furnishings. In the meantime, however, most of the old buildings have also been renovated and are therefore equipped with central heating , double-glazed windows and bathrooms within the apartment. Therefore, one associated with the term old building in the housing market usually rather for buildings from the industrial revolution and founder time typical residential elements such generous ceiling heights and window sizes, ornamentation , stucco and parquet - or floorboards . However, much older buildings are also referred to as old buildings. Stylistically, the term can cover buildings from Gothic to Baroque to Historicism and sometimes Expressionism . Many of these buildings are protected architectural monuments .

For the use of the term old building for a structure that already exists at a certain point in time as opposed to a new building to be built, see Existing (building industry) .


In Austria , the term old building often refers to the full applicability of the Tenancy Law . This includes, greatly simplified, rental and owner-occupied apartments that were built before June 30, 1953 or May 8, 1945.

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